T28 SD vs HD 9.21 Armor Changes

Thanks to DeadArashi for the mail. Here you can see a more detailed schematic of the armor changes:


12 thoughts on “T28 SD vs HD 9.21 Armor Changes

    1. Kind of. The old T28 model had the same rounding on the front so the 203mm could exceed 300mm effectiveness in some places.

      The HD model’s 254mm is flat. So flat that its effective armore is 254mm.

      You sacrifice somewhat trollish armor for more consistent armor


      1. Considering the height of that think, you won’t even shooting that LFP at even level. Expect something between 230 to 240, depends on range and what you driving.


  1. welcomed changes. Model is more close to real deal. Armour wise its more consistent / less troll. both sides know more what to expect from the armour. I would rate it as slight buff which was well deserved.


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