Top of the Tree in December and January 2018 (EU)

Source: Portal

As many of you have noticed, there hasn’t been a poll this month to vote for the vehicle to be featured in Top of the Tree in December. That is because this special goes on holiday in December and January, but don’t worry, there will be plenty of offers during the holiday season that you can take advantage of.

However, we will be having a last Top of the Tree special until mid-December. Because of the upcoming release of Update 9.21, the featured vehicle will be the FV215b (183) – here’s your final chance to add it to your arsenal before it becomes a special vehicle, and the FV217 Badger takes its place in the tech tree!

Starting February 2018, the Top of the Tree special will be back in full force, and a new poll will be up on the forums, where you can vote for the vehicle to be featured next in this special.

At the end of November we will reveal all relevant information on the December Top of the Tree special on our portal, including bonuses and discounts for the FV215b (183) line.