9.21 – British TD armor changes

Thanks for Ogopogo from WotLabs.


AT 2:

Pretty major nerf. Cupola stays the same, but the big parts of frontal armor are way thinner.

AT 8

Basically all frontal weakspots removed. The weakest parts on it’s front are 152 mm thick.

AT 7


Similar treatment as the AT 8.

AT 15


Mantlet no longer has weakspot behind it (so it is more like on the AT 15A). UFP is now 139.7 mm. Cupolas are thicker as well.


Entire front became stronger. The roof is now 57.2 mm thick so it is no longer overmatchable except for the biggest guns in the game.


38 thoughts on “9.21 – British TD armor changes

      1. Well to be fair, this is the line everyone complains about more then others… due to armor being useless due to all the weak spots. Cupola is a tad overdone, but the rest is as it should be IMO.


        1. How can armor be useless if the only weakspot is a cupola? Most tanks back in the days had lower plate, view port, turret front and cupola and many stll have that on tier 8. Tanks had plenty more weakspots back in the days, only noobs complain about tanks having weakspots.


    1. That’s the way of WG though, first you overbuff so everyone gets the tank, then two patches later you nerf it so it’s obly a tiny bit better than it was in the first place.
      Unless it’s a premium cause then they only overbuff it, cause “lol moneygrab”



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  1. well, the AT-2 seems still rather strong or at least you still need APCR or similar stuff (prem-ammo) on all non-TDs on tier 5 (ok, the VK 30.01 H with the Waffe 07/25 pens easy). and all the tier 4 tanks stand no chance.

    but I am very unhappy with the changes for the higher tiers. they could have left over at least one weakspot per tank, which gives you a chance using skill and knowledge rather than just plain “2×2”.

    WGs actual strategy of removing weakspots seems rather dumbing down the game. this might be good for (very) casual players, which seem to be the new target audience, but is a big middlefinger to all those who invest time into the game and learn about the tanks and there strengths and weaknesses.

    right now WoT seems to evolve more and more into a “we drive straight to the front and shoot each other frontally in the face – the one with more prem ammo wins as he can pen frontally, because who needs weakspots?”. *unhappy*
    in the short run this might work and make the casual ones a bit happier. but this group is much more prone to switching the game. the devoted players stay and leave money. but the will get more and more unhappy.


    1. Everything you said plus the fact they want to make RANDOMS into esports, the same old boring mirror maps, and every tank being the same, and tanks that should have been in the tree were made premiums.


  2. Why are you WG digging the hole underneath you faster and faster with every patch? How long do you think people will treat this “spam gold or go home” attitude? What the fcuk will happen next? 200mm armor on Nashorn and Sturer Emil, because they are underplayed?
    What a bunch of idiots!


  3. We need more weakspotless armor, more nearly-impenetrable-by-standard-rounds-but-easy-to-penetrate-by-premium-rounds-armor…

    Isnt it a fine enough gold fest yet ?
    Well i think its time for another wot brake.
    This is seriously becoming to dumb for me


  4. Sure, buff the cupolas to ease the grind, but I don’t feel they need the casement and hull armor buffed as well. And half the skill with the line was using your wide gun arc to peak corners and maximize your effective armor while hiding the cupola.

    Really unneeded armor changes I think

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  5. So having frontal weakspots on a TD is a no-go, but somehow the only 2 Superheavies of the game needed an armor reduction and induced frontal weakspots because “hurr durr cant right-click penetrate from the front, WG pls do something”.


  6. after just finishing this grind about 2 weeks ago i can confirmthese tanks at8 and up are absolutely awful. this was easily the worst line in the game there were so many game where youd get 0 damage becuse too slow or youd get to the front line and die instantly because the armor was worthless no matter how perfectly you angle it doesnt do dick. i can 100% see why their buffing the armor but i think theyve gone a little too far.

    i woudlve given them some of the armor buffs (dial the buffs back 20%) but id have given them better speed at 25kmh instead of 20 i think that overall would make the tanks more playable. id like to see a speed buff because t95 after its mobility buff has just eliminated the reason to play the torty.

    the thing is though this armor on these things will be a lot more balanced than on the type 4 and 5. purely because theyve no turret and they are slower. so get around one of them and its as good as dead.


  7. Well I never got why the AT-2 needed 200mm of armor vs tier III when it came. And I know most complain about the AT line having useless armor past tier 5 due to the weak spots…. but did they have to buff the cupolas that much?


    1. It seem to be much, but I am pretty sure those buffed AT8 and AT7 turrets are 127mm frontal, which are still very achievable with standard rounds in the same tier, even for most of the LTs.
      In the case if I got it wrong, and the darker colour wasn’t a result of lighting issue, that’s still not gonna be something more than 152mm. It will be a bit more problematic, but consider OI had mandatory 150mm frontal, you should had some bad days since quite a while already.
      Also, the center of AT15’s turret is still 127mm, so AT8 and AT7 could have something more than that doesn’t sound logical to me. If you used to shoot in those turret, not much should have change.


  8. Couldn’t just give them some view range, or maybe some track traverse instead? Worked for the T95. Armor is such cancer. When you’re forced to deal with it, the most expedient option is code 22. And then you’re in a dilemma. If code 22 works, other guy gets cancer. If code 22 doesn’t work, you get cancer.

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  9. It is no point buffing weakspots, when premium ammo can just punch thru. It is so silly, all it does it making peop,e spend money in order to pen areas they could be befire with regular ammo. And yes you need to have prem tenks and prem account in order to shoot prem ammo in tier 8-10. Tanks dont need more armor, they need more weakspots and other stats altered in order to make game more skill dependant and less pay2win. Buffing armor and not nerfing gold ammo is the stupidest shit I have ever seen in terms of balance. Remving/changing gold ammo and make a global rebalance of armor and stats, that is the right way and was the initial idea when the older balancing department was in charge. But victor fhired new people, people who could make him more rich. In wot, it is money above else, not balance above else which was the initial idea back in the days, The balance between historical accuracy and game balance was much better before, now it is fucked. Why do we even have tier 8 tanks with 320mm armor in the front and weakspots that are 220mm effective? That is tier 10, possible tier 11 type of armor.


  10. The community are also retards, specially the bad players because it is them who complains on all tanks and demand weakspot removal or armor buffs and OP premiums. If you are below 55% WR you have no business commenting about tenk balance because your brain is deformed.

    The AT15 was perfectly fine before, yes it has a weakspot, one weakspot that was difficult to hit and pen from medium to long range and in close range the weakspot didn’t matter because it has the ROF and accuracy and aim time to trade with enemies. Same with caernarvon, it didn’t need ROF increase or alpha increase or better turret. What it needed was only a slight ROF increase. Now the tank is stupid it has better DPM than tier 9 mediums. But WG removed what made the carnarvon unique, they increased alpha and reduced pen, accuracy and increased aim time.


  11. You know what really fucks me about this? That you have to grind your fucking arse off to get the 183 now to keep and thus having grind that shituseless line, just for it to be buffed after the replacement. Dont believe me? Look at what happened when they replaced Foch and 215b. Buffs to their coresponding lines with the same patch that restricts you from getting the “old” Tier 10. They couldnt be more obvious about their Money milking strategy by replacing Tier 10s that have shitty grinds and at the same time buff the shitgrinds that you probably wont even touch after you get the Tier 10 unlocked. REALLY HATE THIS NEW SCAMSYSTEM


    1. And how many FV215b have you seen recently?

      So many people rushed to get that free tank yet nobody plays it. So why not wait and grind the improved line instead of rushing to get a pixel tank you won’t even look at.


      1. Well other than the 215b Heavy the TD can actually be fun and is kinda unique as the only of the 2 deathstars that has at least some useable armor. And its not about getting a worse tank, its about the way of grinding wargaming is forcing onto all of us if you wanna have a vehicle that was perfectly fine in the tree for several years. And its not like the buffs are gonna help any of these vehicles as they are still to slow for the meta and literally unuseable for trading. How awesome do you think the JT 88 performs having low alpha and high DPM? It just doesnt work at all or at least way to seldom for it to be effective in the long run.


  12. Defender/252 need buff, I mean what is the point of 440 alpha when it has bad accuracy and penetration why do the french have 234mm pen? Also the lower plate is huge and is easilly penned by 200-215mm pen. The turret has two easilly penned cupolas that is 150mm, tier 6 can pen that for fuck sake, I want my money back even the tiger II is better than the defender I have 60% WR in tiger II and only 53% in defender shit UP moneygrab premium the SGT is better than defender. And please buff the vk100p it is slow and the lower plate is penned easilly by T32 and vk45a, tier 8 HTs should not be penned frontaly because they can’t push a flank. Also tier 8 need more gold pen, they can’t pen tier 10 frontaly or weakspot E5.


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