ASIA: [In-Game Event] Battle in APAC

Source: WoT ASIA Portal

Which country is host to the best tankers in APAC? Is it yours? Show us your might and prove it!

This mega-event has great prizes. They include tanks like the  VI AC 4 Experimental  ,  III Großtraktor – Krupp  , and also Alpine Tigers! You can gain these tanks through completing missions during the event period.

Brace yourself for challenges if you want to earn your very own Alpine Tiger! Only 50 of them will be awarded to those who completed the most missions during the event.

A fearsome WZ-111 Alpine Tiger.

The more missions you complete, the greater your rewards!

We hope you have your Tier IV tanks ready! You will need them to begin your Battle in APAC journey!

Find out how to join below!

Event Start: 01 November, 2017 (Wednesday) @ 15:00 UTC+8 (07:00 UTC)
Event End: 30 November, 2017 (Thursday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Step 1: Select your country and claim your bonus code

Choose the country you wish to represent and claim your bonus code!


Players can only unlock 1 code per account. There is no switching to other countries throughout the event after your selection is made.

The Registration Mission must be completed before your official participation is recorded in this event.


  • Australia & New Zealand: ANZBATTLEAPAC
    [Update: Due to technical issues, the Australia & New Zealand bonus code is currently unavailable. The World of Tanks Team is working to fix it at the moment. Thank you for your kind understanding.]
    [Update 2: Issue with the Australia & New Zealand bonus code has been fixed.)
  • Southeast Asia: SEABATTLEAPAC

Choose your country and claim your bonus code here



Step 2: Race to complete more missions!

Fight for your nation! Not only do you get more individual rewards, the glory you earn gives your nation rewards too – if your country is leading in rank for the week.

Each week, the country with the highest average missions completed per player wins additional rewards.

Is your country leading? Check back often to find out!


Note: Country leaderboard will only be updated after a week is finished. Stay tuned to see the results!

Step 3: Complete missions for individual rewards

Registration Mission

Complete this mission once to confirm your participation and unlock event missions below! You will be rewarded with 5 big repair kits just for this.

The Registration Mission must be completed before your official participation is recorded in this event.

Players must redeem the bonus code to start the Registration Mission.

Mission List

  • Week 1 Missions
  • Week 2 Missions [TBA]
  • Week 3 Missions [TBA]
  • Week 4 Missions [TBA]

Progressive Missions

Don’t miss your missions! Your dilligence will pay off. The more missions you complete, the better rewards you get. You will also gain access to Progressive Missions where you can get some seriously good in-game prizes!

Progressive missions increase in rewards and difficulty after ever 5 Milestone missions. All the best!

Go to Progressive Missions List Here

Rewards: Details

These are the types of rewards you can earn:

  • Individual

    Complete your own set of missions to get rewards. Also note that there are 50 Alpine Tiger tanks to be awarded to the top 50 players who complete the most missions during the full event!
    Examples of what you can get:
     Large Repair Kit
     Manual Fire Extinguisher
     Personal Reserves
    … and more!

  • Progressive

    These missions contain much better rewards in comparison to those from Individual Rewards. Think Premium tanks! Progressive Missions are like bonus missions. Unlock them by completing as many individual missions as possible!

    Examples of what you can get:
    VI AC 4 Experimental
     Premium Account time
     Large First Aid Kit
     Large Repair Kit
     Automatic Fire Extinguisher
     Improved Ventilation
     Gun Laying Drive
     Tank Gun Rammer
     Personal Reserves
    … and more!

  • Country

    Every tanker who helped their country rank top deserves prizes! Country rewards are issued at the end of every week. So keep your country’s rank up as much as you could!

    At the end of the event, tankers on the winning team will receive missions to claim their victory awards. Mission rewards you receive will be awarded according to your level of participation in the event.

    Tankers on the winning team can also earn a  III Großtraktor – Krupp  with at least 80 completed missions at 20 per week!

    Examples of what you can get:
    Crew EXP x2
    Free EXP x1.5
     Personal Reserves
     Improved Ventilation Class 3
     Gun Laying Drive
     Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer

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  1. EU suck dic^s ! :))) EU = The most stupid and retarded server… the server of homeless poor stupids !

    1. dude relax, they will always sell some rare prems in bundles to compensate for the lack of events like that.

  2. I\’m from SEA and I have to say that this event is merely better than nothing, AC4 EXP is given for free, perhaps because nobody buys it. And the Alpine Tiger WZ-111 is only given away to the top 50 players, yet another competition type activities the SEA team loves.

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