Halloween Event Tanks

Thanks to Fett713 for datamining these models from the ASIA client.

All of the Halloween tanks to scale.

Leviathan.It has 12 guns. 11 mounted in hull sponsons (4 on each side, 2 on the rear deck, 1 on the front hull) and the main turret.

FCM F1. Has 2 guns. Each has a turret. The player version has a blue gun. NPC version is blue-gunned.

Char 2C. 2 guns in separate turrets. The player gun is red and the NPC one blue.

43 thoughts on “Halloween Event Tanks

    1. Maybe they are testing the mechanic on that special mode so maybe they consider bringing these tanks to the game in the future. Would be super neat.

      What surprises me is that the FCM F1 seems to carry a 90mm DCA 45.

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    2. Either that, or they did the lazy thing. Pulled the multi turret code from WOWS and used that. Then again we thought the same thing about wheeled tanks during the 100 year event. Still nothing. As WG always have said. In WOT to few tanks have it to make it useful to waste to much time on it. And some like the M3 have a roof gun that can’t even pen a tier 3 reliably.

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      1. As long as it works and comfortable to use I don’t really care how they will implement it.

        WG admitted it that they used the 100 year event for testing wheeled vehicles and the results were positive but they still need some tweaking. After that they have to do reseach for viable designs so it needs some time to be implemented.

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      2. True, BUT there are lots of tanks not yet in the game with multi turret (mostly russian) not implemented like the T-35, which has an SD model in WoT since the early days. Or the SMK, a long KV-3 hull with a KV-1 rounded turret int he middle and a T-60 turret in the front. The T-35 would be a devastating version of Tog in tier 4 for example, and the SMK in tier 5-6. Those gund could reliably pen their own tier and 1 up with standard ammo.

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          1. 5 tanks aren’t a lot, besides the ones you mentioned and the frenchies, is there anything else to make it worth investing in such a mechanic?


          2. be honest…..how many times would you play new tier 4 tank…….5 maybe 10 times and then you would move on………I am all for new things……but make it practical and worthwhile


        1. That’s because they are high tiers -> special mechanics will incentive players to grind them/spend free xp. While special mechanics for some low tier tanks wouldn’t be interesting enough to have any boost in free xp conversation or even require enough xp for ppl to consider boosting the grinds.


    1. They don’t have a map large enough for it unless they put it in the middle of the Grand Battles map. But then during the event, while having the “event only” selected, you’ll only have a 10% chance to get the battle.


  1. Just look what imbecils are WG, on forum I got 1 year ban for this:

    P.S. how to input image in comment instead just link showing?


      1. Just would be great to know, from when Germany is in east eu? 😦 Or it’s the same like france is capital of africa?


        1. WTF did you expect??????????milk and cookies? huge THANK YOU gift basket? you post that on forum and then you have the nerve to bitch about getting banned? you must be a special kind of stupid….or just ignorant.

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  2. Stupid christians celebrate the dead peoples days. Now pay me for the harm that you caused. When you serve us we will remove halloween hehe.


            1. Not really. In 1959, Jewish Telegraphic Agency said that the German army took all responsibilty for the Iassy pogrom. Therefore, we have nothing to pay anymore. But yeah, continue with your short-sighted world view.

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        1. Meh, not spooky enough. I rate it 3 points out of 10 because of your effort and because I know you. Otherwise it would be 0 out of 10.


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