Sandbox: Complete HD Maps Footage

Provided by RagingRaptor. Thanks!

Bonus: Sandbox album by leorolim


8 thoughts on “Sandbox: Complete HD Maps Footage

  1. what irks me the most i how long will wg support dx9 for potato users. until dx9 is gone out of the client (like in crysis 3 witch took a giant step forward) then you wont be held back in development. However i can see a great achievement in support for both dx9 and 11 done by wg in this video.


  2. If this is low vs high graphic settings, then I cannot make change between old SD and new low HD. And for the maximum graphic of the HD maps, I expect much more, to be honest the things I see are not the ones I watch now.


  3. Amazing video – Looking forward to buying myself a new computer 😀 Im hoping WG will make buildings more interactive when shooting them though… not game breaking – just better eye candy like blowing up the roof and stuff


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