WoWS Info – 27th September 2017

ST, Deep water torpedoes mechanics.

Based on test results, we decided to implement the second version of deep-water torpedo mechanics. Now they hit the target depending on the target class. Torpedoes of Pan-Asian destroyers in this version hit all ship classes, except for destroyers.

ST, minimap

Players will be able to turn on the display of Hydroacoustic Search and Surveillance Radar range on the minimap.

* the interface is in Russian due to early testing stage

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More info about the GZ from the FB group (gathered by Horin728):

Greetings, captains!

We are pleased to announce that the second phase of Graf Zeppelin testing starts this week with update.

Rewards for test will be same:

Mission 1
Random battles
Once per account
Over any number of battles gain 9500 base XP
3 random containers
20 000 elite xp

Mission 2
Random battles
Twice a day per account
Earn 600 ship base exp
x2 commander’s experience

GZ Test I and GZ Test II will be remove tomorrow. When the ships are removed after the test, commanders are sent to the reserve, while upgrades, flags and consumables are demounted and sent to your inventory.

All test participants will receive GZ with Torpedo Bombers and deep water torpedoes.

Please, find further information below.

Junkers 87C with DW torpedoes;
Flight control: 2-3-0;
Torpedo type: F5;
Range: 2 km;
Speed: 33 knots;
Damage: 10500.
Depth: 5,85 m (due to draught difference, DDs are mostly immune, other classes are mostly hit);
Squadron formation: cross.

This version should allow diverse TB gameplay, while removing the huge DD destruction potential of the initial loadout. The only DD counter in this version is spotting.

We also would like to thank all Phase 1 testers for participation. We will send you in-game survey on GZ AP bomb versions soon, and post a notification here as well.