Speculation: Type 59 could return in the store

Note: it’s a speculation, take it with a medium grain of salt, I cannot vouch for it.

Credit to pizza17

”According to the italian announcement the type 59 could be briefly on sale immediately after the release of patch 9.20.1.

Not sure if translation error or what, the italian article says:

“Ci sarà solo per qualche adrenalinico istante nella 9.20.1 e non dovete farvelo scappare.”

Literal translation means: “It will be there only for a brief (Adrenaline filled) moment in 9.20.1 and you won’t want to miss it”

While the english page says: “It’s in for a shot of adrenaline in 9.20.1, and you won’t want to miss it.”.
That’s completely different since the tank itself is going to receive an adrenaline shot rather than the instant being adrenaline filled due to the tank being there.

I know it might sound subtle to you but to an italian it’s pretty explicitly saying it will be for sale.”

Here is the German article about the Type 59:

Der Type 59 kommt (wieder)

„The Type 59 arrives (again) but it can also mean the Type 59 returns.”

Dieser adrenalingeladene mittlere Panzer kehrt mit 9.20.1 zurück und ihr dürft ihn nicht verpassen.

„This adrenalin infused Medium Tank returns with 9.20.1 and you cannot/should not miss it.”

Could this mean that WG will try to get as much money as possible from its players? We’ll wait and see. But if the Hype 59 is sold, I would see it as the beginning of the end of WoT.


29 thoughts on “Speculation: Type 59 could return in the store

    1. Its not about a rumor, but more about the “article” and the wording. All in all they have to be more careful with wordings & translations.


  1. the german article was overhauled completly about the type 59 just read it again than you will see that this was just a Translation mistake, very sad but the truth in my opinion :(:(:(


    1. Ohh, you are right, they just fixed the article now, since they noticed that it was a crazy wording. Now it sounds not like that they are going to sell it again. Fixed.

      So at the end we can just blame them for bad translation & wordings again. 🙂


  2. I think this is misunderstanding.
    They are going to buff it, so probably someone said something like “Type 59 will return to the former glory” or “Type 59 will return to be competitive”
    and then others wanted to hear only first part “Type 59 will return…” and assumed to the shop.

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  3. so does this mean they are gonna announce world of tanks 2.0 soon?

    maybe thats the special project that dude with the pony tail went to…


  4. You sure they are not referring to the T-34-3 “type 59” buffs? And that they are gonna have that on sale for a short time? Then again did not a badly translated French “leak” tell that the SU-76i would appear in the Xmas calendar.

    But if they did, they would lose the one reason for people coming to their WGL streams. Or having the motivation to join any portal art contest. Not that the Type 59 is “good” in the current meta, other then hyped. Only thing this would do is ruin tier 8 MM like the T-34-85M did. And having a few topics a day on the forum asking for buffs. If it does appear, I won’t be playing tier 8 for a long time.


  5. Type 59 is weak, even with these soft stat buffs. The only tie it will be king is being top tier and in capable hands. Selling this legend to shitters will only make it easier to 3 mark and pad your stats. it wont be like it was back in the day running wolfpacks with 8 59’s on each side.


    1. Anyone with half a brain understand that “collectors” are addicics. Collection in a game, really!? I would understand achievements..


      1. I’m not speaking of “gotta catch ’em all” type of collector but “historical” pixel tank collector. Look up “tank man” if you don’t know him. Now we can’t rename WZ-120 to Type 59 unfortunately..

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  6. The tank would sell like hotcakes no matter how average, or the fact that pref MM is more or less defunct (WG abusing loopholes, they didn’t remove it, they made the whole MM much harsher overall for certain tiers). And even then, T-34-3 HD will have the same armor and aimtime as Type, so…


  7. I really don’t understand the hype for this tank. I have played since beta and these tanks where monsters once. Now I don’t care about it at all and I never see it in battles.
    Are people dumb enough to hype and go nuts over s tank people barley use? The special mm is crap now and hopefully get removed in change for some buffs.

    My opinion though.


  8. Who wants to drive a Type59 when Defender is available????
    Type used to be good 3 years ago. Now, it is just a tank with cheap ammo and poor penetration (and preferential MM).


  9. No, it is most likely just bad wording for saying the tank will be relevant again. And if it does come back, for anyone looking to buy one, think about this; sure they are buffing the gun handling, but it still has useless pen. And doesn’t get preferential mm. You can’t pen anything in standard mm, so I will recommend buying one even after the patch unless you are a tank collector and missing this one.


  10. I… don’t think that will ever happen.

    Else why do they buff T-34-3 to the same armor levels hence making Type 59 an entirely undesirable pos?


  11. Dear seb,

    U R a MORON.

    Type 59 is now a shit tank. Its so bad it needs buffed. What would be the problem with WG selling it now that its shit?

    That being said, WG “says” they want to eliminate preferential tanks but then keeps selling them or bringing them back to be sold again like the J-Tiger or PZB2.




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