Speculation: Type 59 could return in the store

Note: it’s a speculation, take it with a medium grain of salt, I cannot vouch for it.

Credit to pizza17

”According to the italian announcement the type 59 could be briefly on sale immediately after the release of patch 9.20.1.

Not sure if translation error or what, the italian article says:

“Ci sarà solo per qualche adrenalinico istante nella 9.20.1 e non dovete farvelo scappare.”

Literal translation means: “It will be there only for a brief (Adrenaline filled) moment in 9.20.1 and you won’t want to miss it”

While the english page says: “It’s in for a shot of adrenaline in 9.20.1, and you won’t want to miss it.”.
That’s completely different since the tank itself is going to receive an adrenaline shot rather than the instant being adrenaline filled due to the tank being there.

I know it might sound subtle to you but to an italian it’s pretty explicitly saying it will be for sale.”

Here is the German article about the Type 59:

Der Type 59 kommt (wieder)

„The Type 59 arrives (again) but it can also mean the Type 59 returns.”

Dieser adrenalingeladene mittlere Panzer kehrt mit 9.20.1 zurück und ihr dürft ihn nicht verpassen.

„This adrenalin infused Medium Tank returns with 9.20.1 and you cannot/should not miss it.”

Could this mean that WG will try to get as much money as possible from its players? We’ll wait and see. But if the Hype 59 is sold, I would see it as the beginning of the end of WoT.