EU still not cooperating with NA on account transfers

One of our readers received this reply from Wargaming America Support when sending a ticket to WG:

„Once we are ready to allow international residents to transfer to the EU server, we’ll be sure to let you know through our forums or on the World of Tanks web portal. Keep in mind that account transfers require cooperation from the region that your account belongs to as well as the region it’s being transferred to. Although, we have been open about allowing transfers, we have not received cooperation from the EU region in regards to accepting the transfers.”

38 thoughts on “EU still not cooperating with NA on account transfers

  1. I would like to transfer my EU account to the US because it\’s much more fun to play there and the spoken language is English. Not a mixture of east European languages….

    1. I want to just remind you that western Europeans don\’t bother speaking English more than eastern. It\’s only Brits that actually using English all the time, I wonder why.

      1. That not corecet. The scandinavian countries has english as their second language and at least the people of the The Netherlands as well are good at english as well.

  2. I play from South Africa and I know for a fact that there is plus minus 500 active accounts that want to move to EU. Stupidly WOT chooses NA when account gets created. Which is stupid because EU is more in our time range. So far we\’re hitting a massive brick wall like post above suggests. sic*

  3. What a surprise, the EU office purely designed for milking customers does not cooperate in something that would be very beneficial for the customer but mean they would make slightly less money. It would be funny if it wasn\’t so pathetic.

  4. There are NA players wanting to transfer to the EU server? I thought it was mostly the other way around because of how WG EU treats players worse than the other servers do.

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