iChaseGaming no longer a Community Contributor

Just because he said some developers should have been fired for the Graf Zeppelin failure.

„Hello iChaseGaming,

After being pulled into a Global Email about your video and one other, I have come to the conclusion that being a part of the Global Contributor Program may not be the best place for your brand. I do not want to control your content, but as a Member of the Global Contributor Program, saying things such as,

“The Developer who decided this was a good idea, needs to be [edited]fired.”


“Which office did that…whomever it was needs to be demoted or fired.”

Is not a quality we want to encourage. Also, encouraging players to send in support tickets only adds more work to our staff, not a quality we want to see in our GCC. We encourage players to give us honest, constructive feedback, but as a member of GCC, your additional comments of the company are going beyond constructive critism. I wish you the best of luck with your video content. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

All the best,

Brian Jakubson


See the video yourself:

WG seems to not learn from their mistakes. This time we get historical accuracy, because the ship looks unfinished indeed.


21 thoughts on “iChaseGaming no longer a Community Contributor

    1. When you are a CC you have a set of rules to follow, as you are representing WG in a way. And when you do what they see as a threat to the WG team. They react as the did not follow the CC rules. Circon lost his CC title for a day due the same thing “not due to a review”. As any company would when you call their employees “fuckers” that needed to be fired. And considering there are plenty of CC out there that have more harsh reviews then what he did pissing on the ship and not WG. One even said you should never buy it. I’m sure WG knows they fucked up. And so far, no one of them have been “removed”. As one was even more harsh in the language then Foch was for his Chrysler review… towards the ship that is, not WG.

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      1. You are not representing Wargaming in any way as a Community Contributor. What you are doing is in fact providing Wargaming with free advertising. Wargaming does not pay you. There is no employment agreement. The simple fact is that when the CCs have provided Wargaming with constructive criticism (as they did in Cyprus) Wargaming paid no heed to them at all and the issues they raised persist. Meathead has now lived up to his name and demonstrated that he is a) intolerant, and b) has a level of understanding of the player-base in line with that of Kim Jong Un understanding the needs of his people. Frankly the idiot who came up with this response needs to be fucking fired. GG


  1. He may be correct about the Graf, but I think MeatHead handled the situation properly. WG can do what they want with the cc program and even invited him to reach out and talk about it. Looks like someone learned something indeed. Good job MeatHead


  2. 1st. All cc just quit. The writings on the wall already. If you aren’t kissing butt, your out. Forget giving honest opinion, give up on stating how you see it. Just tow the line, suck it up, and say what they want cause they can’t take anything else.
    2nd. They don’t really care for our opinions. If they want us to have an opinion, they will provide it for us. They do not care what we think as they know better than us.
    3rd. Some youtubers are attempting to be helpful, however, sometimes somethings are just too bad for them to swallow the words they want to spit out. So out it comes, true, unadultered, uncensored opinion. And, yes, the truth hurts.
    4th. GCC’s were obviously mistaken about the ultimate goal here. Seems like they think it is to make the best game possible. I guess the were wrong.


  3. If you think CCs are anything but advertisers for WG you are wrong. WG give them early access to things because they help WG spread the news to more people than they could reach themself. Also they could function as a way to get feedback early but the priority for WG is to create hype, spread news and buff sales. Anything else is an illusion.


  4. “If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.” So did he? Or did he just notify blogs that Meathead Militia was mean to him?


  5. Meathead has a point to be honest. While it’s understandable to not like a broken ship, saying whoever was behind it should be “edited fired!” was grossly uncalled for, and not neccessary.


  6. Objectively I agree with iChase comments and decision, CC’s are supposed to be providing honest reviews especially when premium ships related content and not to play by WG rules even if they are offered special previews etc. , good to hear he will do the video again and I’m glad WG reacted the way they did, one more warning flag not to spend any money on this premium or others whatsoever, nothing lasts forever and this Russian company provides an enjoyable game indeed but every time they grow the game and this happened with WOT which I stopped playing completely they somehow make the game worse, I moved from WOT to WOWS and enjoyed it very much and in the last 6 months or so I’m seeing it taking a turn for the bad. SirFoch which I admire for his truthful content even when it is harsh WTF we are all adults here, Jingles which agreed in a very polite manner with SirFock and which I admire even more as he is more subtle and can be saying things that will be affecting WG even more without giving them a reason to react the way they did. Honestly I wasn’t following iChase but I will now and I will not buy any more premiums for a while, maybe WG shows a sign they will change, maybe they can remove the stupid epicenter map which no one likes and it is there just for our punishment, maybe they can remove the constant detonation which no one likes, not even the one that creates the event, maybe even they can try to not promote the “reporting” feature that much, Now I see players asking for others to be reported with no reason, in communist Russia that was a common practice (I know first hand as I was born and raised on a communist totalitarian state) do they really do something with the reporting? I have no clue.
    Either way good for iChase showing us and giving us the option of what to do.


  7. Interesting that they had Meathead do the “firing” of Ichase and not a WoWS moderator? Was that to protect any of the WoWS moderators? “Oh, just some jerk from WoT fired our guy iChase”?


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