WoWS Info – 16th August 2017

Source: WG

Internal test, Conqueror.

Sigma value for 4×3 419 mm main gun layout has been changed from 2.0 to 1.8. Salvo density will decrease accordingly, which will reduce the efficiency of long-range sniping and make 4×2 457 mm layout more appealing.


15 thoughts on “WoWS Info – 16th August 2017

  1. I COMPLETELY AGREE with his change, 11.1km concealment with 2.0 sigma is just very good against cruisers and 1 shot them. its nice they reduce the sigma to 1.8, cruisers player will be more relaxed and not often get 1-shotted.


  2. they should give it 460mm choice. you can overmatch like yamato, but only have 8 barrels.
    they can nerf the 419s as much as they like, the 457s will always be useless in comparison…

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            1. Citadel are fine – but whole ballistic and trajectory of projectiles is wrong. IRL projectiles were flying much more up, and the terminal trajectory was more plunging. So this whole bow-in/angling shit did not exist in real life, and the most important was to use as much gun as you can. So crossing the T worked EXACTLY OPPOSITE than in this game :


              1. actually arc are mostly correct, but bounce angles screw everything.
                to overcome in game bounce angle ships with quite steep trajectory (like North Carolina 16inch) you would need to fire from around 27km to start breaking bounce angle (100% is at 30 degree and decreases until it hits 45 degree) and from 32km you would get 0% bounce chance (similar with British 14inch and 15inch guns)


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