vBAddict is closing


Quoting Phalynx, vBAddict creator:

„It was summer 2011 when I decided to create a site dedicated to visualising the games I’m playing in WoT. Since than, the site was growing and getting a reference for data you couldn’t find anywhere else.

I’m not playing WoT for almost three years. For almost two years it feels like a burden to keep the site up. It requires a massive amount of time to keep up with the WoT updates. In the last months I didn’t always had the time, required updates were delayed. Additional, but not decisive, the amount of donations and banner revenue are not even covering the server costs.

To make a long story short, I’m giving up with this. Site will be online at least few weeks. At the end of September vBAddict will be shut down.

Thanks for all the donators and for all the veterans keeping up with me and motivating me each day.”

If anyone does not know what vBAddict is, you have the description below:

About vBAddict

vBAddict WoT Performance Analyzer can analyze your World of Tanks Profile with the information stored locally in your Dossier cache file. Dossier files contain a summary of all of your tanks you have ever played.

vBAddict will help you to keep track on your overall battle performance WN7/WN8 efficiency, accuracy, damage ratio, damage dealt, damage assisted (radio + track), damage taken, damage per kill, experience, average battle time, mileage per map, credits and experience per minute, Platoon statistics, Mastery Badges, Marks of Excellence and even more.


39 thoughts on “vBAddict is closing

      1. Yeah. WoT is dying. I hope to live as long as WoT did once my doctor tells me ‘you’re dying’.

        In truth tough, WoT IS dying in the sense we’re all dying, tick by tick. On that note, Mr. Motok0, you’re dying.


      2. I mean, the NA servers maxed out at like 35-40k people in the old days when the game was new… But yet the EU and RU servers handle much more than that on a daily basis…

        Why was the population of NA even split in the first place, we didn’t even have the population required to force a split.


        1. No it wasn’t. The population of the NA was approx at peak evening hours 55K. It was even officially announced by WG itself that there was a record pop mark of 62K even. This was even posted on the NA forum as a news press release officially. Until the population shills/deniers showed up, and NyxWGA (admin) in the NA office, cherry picked, and censored all the links which contained the story. And all population discussions on the NA forum.

          It was a systematic obstruction, and blackout on the NA forum by the heavy handedness once again by the WGNA office.

          Another reason Wargaming Fails, as their game is depopulating now.


    1. Get a clue, the party is just about over. If you can’t see your favorite little playground is soon to blow away, then one day signing into the server saying Error 404 will convince you other wise.


    2. Soon, for you guys (Makaan), you can suit yourselves trying to fill a battle waiting 5-7 mins. at a que time when the population will be around 2700 people at best. Cause, that this rate this time next year will just about be where this server will be. But, you guys will still be saying the same thing until one day you log in and nothing will be there anymore.


  1. well, what concerns me more: will there be anything similar? that battlelog of vba was superb and much more detailed than any other site I know.

    so it’s really sad the site is closing. :(


      1. Where do you think WoTLabs got it’s statistics?

        Data Sourcing
        Because WN8 was a per-tank rating, we needed data per tank, which as always is not available via the WG web API. We turned to Phalynx of vBAddict.net, who kindly handed over his database of 17k dossiers.


  2. I’m sad, I was using it, not daily but at least once a month I was fetching data from vbaddict for the benefit of my gameplay.


  3. The game is dying for sure. Soon they will not have to worry about cracking down on illegal mods, because the modders will be bored of the game and not producing as well.

    The matchmaking is what kills the game. New players getting easily destroyed by tanks 2 tiers above them makes them uninstall. Even experienced players tire of the game because of the matchmaking.

    The developers know this is a problem, but are too arrogant to change. They will be forced to move to make the matchmaking 5/10 or same tier, but too late – old players have left and new players uninstalled before they got addicted

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    1. It’s interesting everyone is still complaining about matchmaking. Back in the old times when a lot of “veterans” have started playing I couldn’t see this much whining about the MM while it was way worse. I remember fighting against Mauses and IS-7s in my Tier VI VK 30.01H and fighting against the hordes of Type 59s yet I’m here still playing the game.

      Of course now that I’ve experienced that MM can be this good as it is now I don’t want that old one back, but I don’t get it why people are crying about the new MM.

      What do you think, who’s got more chance? A new player in their Tier VI tank against an uncapped number of Tier X tanks without premium ammo for credits, or a new player in their Tier VI tank against a maximum of 7 Tier VIII tanks while you can also buy premium ammo for credits?


      1. News Flash, have you tried playing tier 8 lately? And who will you play with when this MM chases away all of your cannon fodder? Guess what? — You become next in line cannon fodder for the one’s above you. Let’s see how long you stick around when your stats go south, and the sharks come after you then?


        1. Since I’ve just recently finished the Caernarvon grind and had to grind credits to buy the Type 5 and the Conqueror I can say I played a fair ammount of battles in Tier VIII.

          Neither the Tier VIII grind nor your comment could change my opinion about the current MM VS the old one.


          1. Actions speak louder than words. One day you’ll log in and the game will no longer be there. Mic drops !

            Then suddenly, oh yea that Match Maker business old one an new one both were failures. Then everyone will be saying, ” I told you so “.


            1. Yeah sure I can guarantee it will happen just like the game dying in 2013 and every following year since then like you people preached.

              If the game is going to die in the future it won’t be because of the MM.


              1. WG, just admitted that the MM needed repairing next patch. It’s broken. The NA server just had to consolidate down to one server now, and during that time the population has dropped further.

                You know there is a ship at the bottom of the oven called the Titanic. You might want to stay out of the business of naval commander incidentally.


    2. The MM is fine. I don’t see people complaining when they are top tier tanks…. I don’t see any good players complaining about MM. All I see is players, who considered themselves “experienced” while their stats are shit, complain about unfair MM when they are bottom tiers tanks and lose. Why don’t they ever think that it’s their skill that is the problem? I don’t have any problem with dealing with tanks 2 tiers up my tanks. If you don’t know how to deal with them except fighting head on frontally with heavily armoured tanks, then don’t consider yourself “experienced”, instead you are only a noob getting mad at yourself being a noob.


  4. the only server who keep this crap game alive is RU,where was born :) … when RU will lose a lot of population,the game will die,till then… eat sh^t says Wargaming :)) but yeah,this are signs that WoT is dying in our regions like NA,EU and they have a lot of reasons to be in this situations. Russians don’t give a fk about other people,only money.

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  5. Used the East server and had a ping of 120-140…now I can expect much higher ping. Thank you WG. It’s was actually fun to play on the US server. Much more grown up ppl there


  6. This is a real shame. I’m in IT myself (and also a father) so I know first-hand about the amount of work and dedication that’s required for projects like this – especially one like VBAddict that is so well executed.

    For what it’s worth, I have a site of my own, and a Windows 10 App which you can get from the Windows Store. I just thought I’d mention it here because I guess some people may start looking for alternatives. It’s very different from VBAddict but I hope people will find it helpful.

    My website is “MM-RNG-LUCK” – here: https://mmrngluck.azurewebsites.net

    To learn more about the Windows app (called Lorp Wormhole) and get the direct link to the App, see here: https://mmrngluck.azurewebsites.net/LorpWormhole.aspx

    It’s true the popularity of the game is dropping – but I think we are just seeing the continued transition into the so called “long tail”. I think there will be a solid (but smaller) base of people playing WoT for a while to come – me included. There’s still no game quite like it and there’s that deep boyhood appeal to tanks.

    VBAddict is one of those great community contributions that adds depth to the game – which is why I’m sad to see it go.


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