WoT Supertest – British HT Changes


Max. speed forwards/backwards: 34,3 / -12 km/h
Traverse speed: 24 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 30 °/s

Gun: OQF 32-pdr Gun Mk. II

Damage: 280 / 280 / 370
Penetration: 220 / 252 / 47
Reload time: 6 s
Accuracy: 0,34
Aim time: 2,3 s

(Left – old, right – new)


Max. speed forwards/backwards: 34,3 / -12 km/h
Traverse speed: 26 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 32 °/s

Gun: 120 mm Gun L1A1

Damage: 400 / 400 / 515
Penetration: 259 / 326 / 120
Reload time: 11,3 s
Accuracy: 0,33
Aim time: 1,9 s

(Left – old, right – new)


22 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – British HT Changes

    1. Hope so. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they have ” overlooked ” that. Same as they ” overlooked ” the T-34-85M dpm, after the straight buff to it’s alpha without adjusting the rof.


    1. I’ll put on the tinfoil hat and say this is to fix the OP Tier 8 Premium spam they’ve been doing recently by buffing the other tanks in the game to meet the new standard without having to touch those premium tanks directly so they don’t cause a shit storm like what happened with the T26E4 nerf.

      But my main concern is how the tiers 6-7 will feel about these buffs they already had trouble dealing with the new tier 8 prems. I wonder what will happen if all the tanks through tiers 8 to 10 get all these buffs while every other tier is thrown to the wastes instead.


      1. WG has been buffing penetration,alpha and dpm over the past years.They reached a point when it was obvious that they created monstrocities like WTE100(which,after 3 consecutive nerfs was still gamebreaking),FV 183 with old 275 HESH-penetration and 1750 alpha,JPZE100 with 1050 alpha,DPM on medium tanks wss buffed again and again.After they reached a point where they couldnt buff those parameters anymore,they started buffing armor.I wonder whats left to buff after armor over-buffs brake the game,this time once and for all.


        1. Well if buffing the armor does not work anymore they wilkl just switch back to buffing the guns.
          You can play this game forever in theory.
          The problem is that they mainly concentrate on T8 – 10 and that means everything below that will have no chance if they dont start buffing all tanks across the board.


  1. I pressed “read more” waiting to read something like the addition of the Chieftain, like the recent changes in the french line
    oh well..


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    1. looks like it’s the Conqueror turret but with the spaced armor added to it. The turret on the Super Conqueror is different to this one but yes, it’s very confusing and I wish they would list out the new armor thickness


    1. They lowered the pen with 6mm though. And the gun on the caern is actually better than the one on the centurion 1.


  3. well, thoses changes sound really good. I might give the brits a try after all. especially the buff to the Caern sounds much better than it is right now!


  4. well, thoses changes look really promising. that new gun will help the Caern for grinding the Conq and the turret will be buffed as well. still that hull is pure butter.

    but those armor scheme for the Conq: just pure wow. UFP is buffed like crazy and the turret is buffed twice. armor all in all and he gets spaced armor like Super Conqit seems. anti-HEAT-armor incoming. very nice against that HEAT spam at high tier …


  5. So since they are putting the 32 pdr on the tier 8 HT and on the tier 7 TD even. Why not put the 20 pdr on the Black Prince? That would make me buy it back again. Considering they figured the 17 pdr is useless on the Challenger.


    1. Gods I hope so. The terrible guns at tier 6 and 7 are the main reason why I’ve never played the British heavy line past tier 5. I’ve been hoping from the beginning that they’d eventually put the 17 pounder on the Churchill 7 and the 20 pounder on the Black Prince.


  6. I think the lower diagram is for Super Conq. BTW the Conq DPM got nerfed…currently tier 9 Conq had 10.5 s reload and this really did not need to get nerfed unless they do the 440 alpha buff to 120 mm guns.


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