Compensation for Contact and Clan List issues (NA)

Source: CabbageMechanic, NA Community Coordinator

As most of you are aware, we recently experienced problems with the Contact and Clan lists in World of Tanks. We are working on a solution we hope will keep the system running smoothly.

We wholeheartedly apologize for the inconvenience and regret the frustration it caused our players, though we know actions speak louder than words. As compensation, we are giving everyone who engaged in battle since May 1, 2017 the following:

3 days of Premium time

3x Personal Reserves of +50% Credits for 2 hours

3x Personal Reserves of +200% XP for 3 hours

This compensation will be paid out every Friday until a final fix is released.

At Wargaming, our vision is to make every player happy, as player happiness is the cornerstone of our success. However, that’s not always the case when things aren’t working properly. We want to thank everyone who provided OS information and other details to help solve the problem. As always, please keep communicating via the forum.


15 thoughts on “Compensation for Contact and Clan List issues (NA)

  1. Useless personal reserves because nobody in their right mind can play this game for 2 hours straight, much less 3, to actually use them efficiently.



    1. Contact list being broken means that 1) You cant add people to your friendlist/blacklist 2) You cant PM people 3)Your cant invite people on your friendlist to platoon/clan activities
      And the chat server was down constantly, one time the contact list went out for like 2 weeks iirc, and there is currently no solution to this problem, aside from restarting the chat server daily


    1. It was only hell for people who liked to platoon frequently but for solo players like me who like to powergrind it was no big deal.


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