Dance210 Leaves WoT + RIP NA Tournaments

Quoting from this thread:

„I have moved off of World of Tanks. They are still determining what to do with tournaments in the future. So yes, after tomorrow, there are no planned tournaments except for the Absolute Clan Cup. If that changes, it should be announced on the forums and/or portal.”


„There are no more tournaments for the foreseeable future, while those still working on WoT figure out what they want to do.”

„NA tournaments are run by NA staff. So me leaving for another product won’t affect the other regions” (Source)


8 thoughts on “Dance210 Leaves WoT + RIP NA Tournaments

  1. yeah but this affected the Call To Arms clan tournaments. Both T8 and T10 which is an easy way for clans to make gold with the global map is down. Now there are NO tournaments, no 1v1, no 3v3, platournaments, No CTA’s nothing. And with CW on NA at least still down no real reason for clans to do anything. Although there is rumors of CW’s returning Aug 10th on NA.

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    1. actually the CW from what i have read on the Wot forums says aug10 is when the map opens
      the rules will be posted aug7th


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