WoWS 0.6.9 : Changes and new content #3

High tier British BBs:
-Defensive AA-fire consumables on high tier RN BBs were removed
-AA gun configuration reverted to the earlier setup on those ships

Graf Zeppelin:

-Flight control changed from 2-3-0 to 2-0-3 (Fighter/TB/DB)
-Ju 87C loadout changed from torpedo to SC250 HE bomb
-SC250 has 7800 max damage, but it has relatively large dispersion; manual drop is 50% more accurate
-Secondaries fire range increased to 7.5km from 4.5km

-Rudder shift time upgrade moved from Hull C to Hull B

A bit more on the Yamamoto campaign currently in ST
-The missions are quite hard
-Tier 7-10 ships required
-Other than the usual collection container, extra rewards will also be given for mission completion
-Currently not time limited


33 thoughts on “WoWS 0.6.9 : Changes and new content #3

  1. It’s good that the campaign is not time-limited. I wasn’t able to complete the bismark campaign because I had to work much. That sucks.
    Btw. someone know if the campaign will return or was the bismark campaign a one-time thing?

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  2. 3x TB on Zeppelin was absurd, but can we get one squad of the Fi 167 torpedo bombers? The fighters suck even compared to Enterprise and I don’t see how these bombs weight up to Lexington’s.

    The secondary range is absolutely hilarious though.

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    1. TB’s were fine. Tier 8 CV will destroy tier 6 bb’s. Its supposed to. Think before you whine. The secondary range is worthless and the bombs are super trash compared to the other tier 8 cv’s.


      1. TBs weren’t fine, a lot of feedback I’ve seen from videos is that the damage is just ridiculous. And I’ve seen testers absolutely devastate ships that weren’t tier 6.
        Also, the bombs are worse than Lexington’s, but still better than IJN ones which do 4600 damage. And you do get a few more bombs than Lexington; 12(14) against 15(18).

        Lastly, I called the secondary range hilarious, nothing else. Because 7.5km on a CV is just unheard of and nothing anybody will expect.


  3. The Graf Zeppelin should be a Tier 7, not forced to Tier 8 with higher hangar capacity.

    And WG removed the wrong consumable on RN BBs… 😦


  4. Yeah, that would complete her. Just pondering, how would they be different compared to IJN and USN? I mean you can look the plane up on wiki or aviation books that have entries on it and see how it compare to the other navies’ TBs.


    1. DBs could have some feature, like accurate manual bomb drop (like Kaga, but with an actual damage output), be more resilient to the DFAA stress or whatever. But uptiering the ship to sell it for more expensive is kind of lame IMO..
      (I don’t consider weirdo torp patterns to be worthy way to differenciate CVs either)


    1. I agree 100% with Sharp comment that “So 1 more weak CV, as any US CVs…”.

      Future premium Graf Zeppelin carrier was changed from overpowered torpedo attack monster to useless like all carrier who relay on dive bombers. Ok. One we can be sure – there is no chance that i will buy carrier with no torpedo bombers. No chance. And nobody should because – you will not convince me that dive bombers in carrier in current meta are good. Sorry but they are not. Bye bye Graf Zeppelin and hello Shokaku 😀 (Shohaku is in my port right now but previous version of Graf Zeppelin was making Shohaku usele.).

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      1. In current setup, I don’t see this CV can even kill a KAGA or Saipan.

        This should have be T7 ship and not T8.

        No way I will pay for that, and I spent my time only to play CV.

        This is why I didn’t buy big E.


      2. Buy Kaga – you will loose all planes in 7 minutes, but you will get 3xDev strike in this time, and do more dmg than AS Ranger/Saipan 😉


  5. 7.5 km on a carrier? If that stays I am definitely secondary setting this thing up with that in mind.

    German specialty seems to be really in there secondary guns on there capital ships…


      1. Not really It’s more that I like playing front line carrier (Aka advance right behind the main push.).

        Besides If they keep it this way it doesn’t get torps at ALL.

        Also It becomes easier to defend yourself. Most carriers can only start shooting when they end up in a DD’s torp range. But what if you could start shooting as soon as he could? Makes it much easier to keep a DD a bay.

        Also I am not talking about the FULL Secondary spec. mainly the advanced firing training.

        It’s kind of a rule I have for myself that if the secondary guns CAN be given a range of around 10 and up, max there range to. Every little bit helps! Plus you get a AA range boost to.


        1. well if it works for you fine, but a carrier without torps is just meeh, I tend to believe the majority of CV players would think so … the secs are just a gimmick because most of the time a DD won’t get near you, but rather you will be spotted earlier on in the GZ and targeted by BBs

          WG must balance her around a 2-2-2


    1. Fi-167 is Obsolete, IIRC the Fw 190 can carry Torpedoes
      so Fw-190 would be the great choice for a Tier VIII torpedo bomber


  6. finally.. WG change the fictional Torpedo Bombers into the historically accurate JU87 Dive Bomber.
    but why they put TB in the first place, they shouldve know the final proposition squad of GZ is fighter and divebombers.


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