WoWS 0.6.9 : Changes and new content #3

High tier British BBs:
-Defensive AA-fire consumables on high tier RN BBs were removed
-AA gun configuration reverted to the earlier setup on those ships

Graf Zeppelin:

-Flight control changed from 2-3-0 to 2-0-3 (Fighter/TB/DB)
-Ju 87C loadout changed from torpedo to SC250 HE bomb
-SC250 has 7800 max damage, but it has relatively large dispersion; manual drop is 50% more accurate
-Secondaries fire range increased to 7.5km from 4.5km

-Rudder shift time upgrade moved from Hull C to Hull B

A bit more on the Yamamoto campaign currently in ST
-The missions are quite hard
-Tier 7-10 ships required
-Other than the usual collection container, extra rewards will also be given for mission completion
-Currently not time limited