Pudel Available on EU

Posting the cheapest package, as usual.

Premium Shop offers are available from 2 August at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2):

  • Pudel – Standard



Note: Each package can only be purchased once per account.


30 thoughts on “Pudel Available on EU

    1. Yeah – and it was renamed by crew to “Magda” after just 5 hours. I have no idea why WG decided to use name “Pudel” instead of “Magda”…

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    1. Power to weight is worse on the Pudel as it has more side armor, thus more weight. And you also gotta remember that the listed track traverse is with the worst engine. 3002 has 3 engines. And the ground resistance is way better on the 3002.


    1. More then half of the total Polish population (not in WoT, just in the whole country) is going to buy this thing, knowing the ‘Siema PL’-dudes. Offcourse WG is trying to make extra money for it. Just wait for this thing to flood the matchmaker… :D

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  1. Usually, the nation’s tech tree is known by the time the first premium goes on sale. WG must be really desperate for shekels.


    1. Thus I feared they would only sell this is a large bundle, as the tech tree has not been announced. And the tier 6 premiums usually appear 1 patch before. Then again the Type 59 did appear years before any tech tree that it could be used on. As last WG said the tech tree is not complete, so no eta on it.


      1. Then again it was released with the anniversary for the Warsaw uprising. And it that was the plan… I suspect they would do it either way regardless of the state of the tech tree, vs waiting until next year.


  2. I am surprised that the first polish tank is a german panther look-alike — does this upset the Poles?
    Were they not the first to feel the Blitzkrieg? And, then, you add in a tank from their former enemy?

    Am I missing something?


      1. thanks, did not know it was tied to the Warsaw uprising — so, the Poles captured Panthers during that and used them against the Germans? Sorry for my ignorance…


  3. Bought the more advanced package, the one with 100% crew and BIA. Because fuck it with the grinding to get the crew at 100% and then BIA. So paid quite some extra not for the gold or premium, but for the crew and a little for the missions.


    1. considering that was included with the tiger 131 and the thunderbolt 7 its odd it wasnt included with the standard pack on this tank..


      1. Yeah, everyone noticed. I wonder why the BiA crew isn’t included in this package. Maybe because it will be a standard premium that will end up in the techtree for gold? The BiA crew only comes with special vehicles.


  4. Just 4 the record
    I bought the package with trained crew.
    I played 22 games in the Pudel and my crew is at the 3. skill at about 75%!!!?!!

    I got the crew with BIA
    Done the included 5x XP missions
    And had a 100% XP booster on.

    Nevertheless it seems as a bug that my crew members have about 425k XP already after 22 battles only.


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