WoT ST – AMX 50 Foch B

The Foch (155) replacement in detail.

Tier: X, France
HP: 1 850
Engine power: 1 000 HP
Weight: 56,18 t
Max. weight: 59,56 t
Power-to-weight: 17,8 HP/t
Max. speed forwards/reverse: 50 / -13 km/h
Traverse speed: 30 °/s
Ground resistance: 1,342 / 1,534 / 2,301
View range: 380 m
Signal range: 750 m

Hull armor: 180 / 80 / 40

Gun: 120 mm AC SA46

Damage: 400 / 400 / 515
Penetration: 257 / 325 / 65
Rate of fire: 7,752
DPM: 3 100,9
Clip reload: 36,438 s
Intra-clip: 2,0 s
Clip size: 6
Accuracy: 0,326
Aim time: 2,21 s
Gun depression/elevation: -6 / +18



12 thoughts on “WoT ST – AMX 50 Foch B

  1. The Mobility will be still rather bad. The HP/t is actually decent, but the softstats are really bad. But nevertheless it is a free t10 crew trainer with the 155 Foch. What I would like to see by Wargaming though is the same treatment the VK 7201 got and the PzKpfw 7. Make them more distinct. WG proofed already that with different HD models that they can plaster them with objects, like buckets and so on…

    Please make them look more different with small accessorizes and so on. The tanks are tools, not shiny new toys.


  2. >Starting in 9.20, the AMX 50 Foch (155) becomes a special vehicle, while a completely new TD, the AMX 50 Foch B, rolls out on tier X. Basically, this newcomer is a revised version of the AMX 50 Foch (155), equipped with a six-round 120mm autoloader capable of dealing 400 alpha damage instead of the 155 gun. It is also reinforced with better side and front armor.

    >better side and front armor

    >better… front armor

    Gee, WG, I don’t know if removing the gunner’s sight from the model actually consists of “better front armor”…

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  3. Wow, people say that the T57 Heavy is OP with its 4 shell 2 sec autoloader

    This thing has basically the same gun with better accuracy and 800 more damage per clip and a little longer clip reload


  4. ..do u realise that x3 platoon can “1clip” 3 enemy tanks just in few seconds?And after 30 seconds another 3? This tank (in right hands) can be pretty deadly, especially in Tier8/9 battles..


  5. Just look at the ground resistance. This thing is practically glued to the ground.

    As for the gun, basically shittier T57, because it doesn’t have a turret.



    1. well it has 6×400 = 2400 clip potential at 36 sec reload and good accuracy and aimtime heavies might have the turret but 1/3rd less clip potential.

      it could be good even with that weak pen, if it wasnt so crippled by soft stats – 11.6 hp/t on medium terrain is in heavy tank territory of sluggish, it needs 1.1-1.2 max then it will be decent.


      1. It is already a good challenge to get into situation where you can empty all 4 shells into enemy with an effect, as in, scoring penetrating hits. And we’re talking about tanks with turrets and better gun depression, that can pre-aim their guns as they get into firing position.

        To get a turretless TD into the situation where it can turn it’s hull towards the enemy, wait few seconds to aim, and then spend the next 10 seconds motionless, firing repeatedly, is possible, but very situational, unlikely AND very risky, all at once.


  6. I’d like to see like 450 damage, 275-280 pen and like .31 accuracy, instead of just the same cannon on 3 tanks in a row but with just higher and higher dpm, cause it’s a upgraded tank over the others, but I suppose they know better than me or something.


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