T-29 Pictures

Link to Stats

Remember that the T-29 (Tier III Soviet Premium Medium) and a garage slot will be gifted with the occasion of the game birthday in August 2017. On August 12, the World of Tanks project will be 7 years old.



15 thoughts on “T-29 Pictures

        1. I am very tolerant when it comes to gift tanks. But the Toldi is absolute trash. Its only redeeming feature is the pen. Otherwise, I has trash DPM, viewrange and I have no idea wtf the balance department was smoking when they gave it such HORRIBLE soft stats.

          The T-45 is among the good gifts as well. Sure, it also lacks DPM, but the front armor is truly nasty.

          The post-buff T7 car and VIc aren’t especially good, but those are hell of a fun when you are at the right spot at the right moment.

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          1. There is only one failure on the Toldi III. They did mistake to put it into tier III instead of tier II were it belongs.


  1. Should be a decent enough gift tank. If nothing else it’s a free garage slot for those of us that have no interest in either playing or owning a one.

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    1. It’s never too many. Crew from Mother Rasha needs tonks to farm the dailies.

      Unless you are crazy like me and equip all your gift tanks with a bunch of Equipments. It’s… expensive. ._.


  2. This don’t seem to be half bad. Good alpha for it’s tier, and not to bad pen either. I suspect even HE might be a viable option vs most targets. As it’s HE pen caliber and alpha is on pair with the Grosstraktor and BT-7A.


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