Heavy Tank No. VI Marathon (EU)


  • Experience Challenge – Rookie
  • Experience Challenge – Veteran
  • Experience Challenge – Elite
  • Experience Challenge – Best of the Best



  • Earn 50,000 XP over any amount of battles.
  • Only battles in which you are number one in your team by base XP count towards the mission’s progress.


  • Only Random battles
  • Once per account
  • Tier VII or higher
  • “Experience Challenge – Elite” must have been completed first.
If you complete the mission “Experience Challenge – Best of the Best”, even though you already own the Heavy Tank No. VI, you’ll be compensated with 1,500,000 and a garage slot.


This event is available from 1 August at 07:00 to 1 September at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).


29 thoughts on “Heavy Tank No. VI Marathon (EU)

    1. It’s the same as every other marathon. You play enough games and RNG will smile upon you sooner or later.

      Like in ‘ranked’ – only this season I’m back with a fucking vengeance.
      T92 and BC arty double whammy. Fuck the haters.

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  1. I’m just glad they chose a shitty tank. I can skip this no problem. What I don’t understand is why they want to encourage people to go up the chinese heavy line? I thought pretty much everyone despises it as being cancerous to gameplay.


  2. Every time you think WG can’t be more retarded, they prove you they can. Previous maraton could finish even complete retard how easy it was. Now there is another maraton that is the opposite, 50 000 xp in top 5 and then 50 000 xp in top 1 is so idiotic that’s unbelievable.


      1. That’s not that hard, right? Just do daily doubles and play a lot. People are having there vacations now in Europe, so a lot of players have the time to play WoT. And knowing WG, they will offer a token for the last mission, so you will get HT no. VI for €4 or €5… That’s not bad at all.


    1. well, thats exactly my thought. the Jiger is nice and all (I own one already), but in current MM it is rather hard to use (bad pen, so so mobility, mediocre armor against other HTs), especially against prem-HTs like Defender or Chrysler.

      and the new marathon sounds much much harder to do than the one for T-34-85M, which is the far better tank all in all (statswise and also for crewtraining, as well as credits).


  3. For the T-34-85M marathon the NA server only gave a 50% crew for no reason. I hope that if they bring it to the NA too they won;t do it again


    1. well, we are talking about a prem-tank, after all. the crew will be exchanged anyway 99% of the times, because people almost all have some russian med-crew, that can be used.


  4. Impossible for me…..

    My compliments to those who can finish the mission…..

    But for this tank this mission is too hard…….(IMHO)


  5. The requirements are unrealistic.
    They ask to be top on XP for certain missions and that is not entirely up to you.
    For instance you have to grind 50k xp in a marathon – sure, here too it can be argued that the time invested is not entirely up to you because if you win you get roughly twice the xp of a loss, but you can still have an estimate of the time you are required to invest. Asking to be top on XP (or top 3) is unrealistic and a bad idea overall imo


  6. well, missions are near impossibe and the reward is not satisfactory. Probably they analyzed and decided that japanase tank is less number in servers.


    1. …i have checked the challenge conditions again and its definetely NOT WORTH the time…u must get 7500xp/1st stage, then 15000xp/top 10, 2nd stage, then 50 000xp/top 3, 3rd stage, and then ANOTHER 50 000xp – TOP 1 (u must finish ALL 4 stages to get the premium tank. LOL, no f* way :) :)


      1. So long as you play tier 7 or above you could simply carry on and collect the tank somewhere on the way.

        Basically a free tier 6 premium for no extra effort. How’s that not worth it?


  7. no need to cry- it calculates not base xp, so if you play with premium tank or even with personal missions to grinding tank and getting additional xp, it also calculates.


    1. I don’t think the experience itself will be a problem for most of the players but the fact that they need to play well enough to be higher in experience earned than their team mates.

      Getting a reward for not being a bot seems to upset many and results in people getting salty.


  8. the previus marathon was for everyone to complete , even for bots . This one is actually interesting because it promotes good gameplay and it is a nice challenging mission . If everything in life was easy , life would be ugly .


  9. All right.
    But at least the player should be able to think he succeeds in the mission.
    With these features many players will not even try
    Sorry for the bad English I use the automatic translator
    I hope you understand the meaning of what I mean


  10. I was doing the missions but didnt realize that the 4th one only works with tier VII tanks. Becoming first 30 times in 2 weeks with a tier VII is really hard work. FOr 12,50 worth of tank if its really worth that.

    No. Vi heavy is really not a good tank. Close combat gun and not the matching chassis. Bad penetration.
    Nice speed but this really makes it a medium with a derp gun and sluggish bad terrain behaviour.

    I was really heappy with the T34-85M TRhat was a nice addiotion to my garage. This one is not the right tank for so much trouble.


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