North Korea’s Elite Plays WoT


Gaming and content streaming accounted for sixty-five percent of all internet activity in North Korea. Broadly, users consume content mostly from the Chinese video hosting service Youku, iTunes, and various BitTorrent and peer-to-peer streaming services. For games, North Korean users seem to prefer games hosted by Valve and a massively multiplayer online game called World of Tanks.


9 thoughts on “North Korea’s Elite Plays WoT

  1. Remember what Serb promised years ago?
    I remember in a Q&A someone asked why we don’t have a north korean flag available.
    Serb said: When the great leader allow to play his ppl we’ll add it.

    So WG pls gib DPKR flag.

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  2. I guess it might be the army using the game to train the commanders cheaply.
    Laugh if you want but the situational awareness, good timing and coordinating with other commanders are important part of the combat and the game does help training these skills.

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