WoWS: 0.6.9 Public Test Preview + Patchnotes

Source: WoWS Portal

0.6.9 Public Test

Test Start: 28/07/2017 @ 00:30 UTC+8
Test End: 31/07/2017 @ 21:00 UTC+8


  • Fixed incorrect descriptions of several tasks in the Yamamoto Isoroku Campaign
  • 3 personalizations for unique commander Yamamoto Isoroku are now granted as a reward for completing 4th mission of the Yamamoto Isoroku Campaign; This change is needed for internal testing purposes (These personalizations can’t be used without Yamamoto Isoroku Commander) and affects Public Test only
  • Fixed several issues that caused emergency shutdown while in port


Anxious to know more about the next update? Check out this Public Test preview for an overview of the latest update!

This update is still under development; the information in this preview is provided for reference, reflecting the current state of the prototype at the time of its publication. Some changes or features may be absent or may look different in the final release. Screenshots, certain specification figures, and in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after this version’s release.

The Yamamoto Isoroku Campaign

The new permanent campaign that we’ve added to the game will take you through the battlefields of the renowned naval commander. The campaign will be a tough nut to crack even for seasoned sea wolves.

The Campaign will be available to all participants on Public Test, but in a simplified format specifically for Tier VII-X ships. For each completed task, players will recieve 2-3 containers with new collection items.

Keep in mind, however, that the completion criteria and the rewards granted during the Public Test may differ from those on the live server. The campaign will comprise five missions, each dedicated to a particular period in the life of the Admiral and will be available for players with Service Record Level 9.

The Yamamoto Isoroku Collection

Apart from the campaign, we’re adding a new permanent collection to the game dedicated to the life and campaigns of the Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet of the Empire of Japan. The collection consisting of 40 unique elements will be divided into the following five subject-specific sub-collections:

  • Uniform
  • Uniform Items
  • Rewards
  • Ships
  • Miscellaneous

By completing each sub-collection, players will be able to extend their pool of options to make their ships distinguishable in battle. Successfully finish the “Uniform”, “Uniform Items”, “Rewards” and “Ships” sub-collections to gain access to alternative patterns for the Type 1, Type 2, Type 5 and Type 6 camouflages for Japanese destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers, respectively. The “Miscellaneous” sub-collection, once completed, will allow you to mount two flags on all Japanese ships! Pick up all collection items and decorate your ship with a unique camo and a second flag!

On the Public Test, players will be able to receive special Containers including the new collection items upon completing campaign tasks. Duplicate items may be traded in for unobtained collectibles per 1:1 on the Public Test.

Unique Commanders

Note: Commander “Yamamoto Isoroku” will not be acquirable on the Public Test. However, the said Commander will be credited specifically to the Supertesters and Developers for testing purposes.

With Update 0.6.9, we’ll offer players a lineup of unique commanders. In the game, unique commanders will be marked with a special ribbon and will provide combat or economic bonuses to make your ship stand out from the crowd.

During the Public Test of Version 0.6.9, supertesters and developers will get to test the first historical commander in the game – Yamamoto Isoroku. Yamamoto Isoroku was an Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy and Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet of the Empire of Japan during World War II. He graduated from the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy, U.S. Naval War College, and Harvard University.

A campaign will be available for players on the live server with the ultimate reward being the legendary Yamamoto Isoroku that will be added to their accounts. The new commander will come with 15 skill points and two unique talents – “Concealed Reserves” (after getting the “First Blood” achievement, a player’s ship under the command of Yamamoto Isoroku will get one additional charge for each consumable until the end of that battle) and “Second Wind” (activated when the player earns the “Kraken Unleashed!” achievement playing with a ship commanded by Yamamoto Isoroku to get –34% to the main battery guns reloading time, -16% to torpedo reload and squadrons preparation time, and up to 48% of the ship’s normal HP restored within 120 seconds. This talent works just like the standard Repair Party consumable).

Moreover, once you’ve got the legendary Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku in your fleet, you’ll be able to fly a unique pennant on your ship, set an alternative color for the main gun shell tracers and shoot fireworks every time you get “First Blood” or “Kraken Unleashed!”


All players within the smoke screen area (regardless of who used the Consumable “Smoke Generator”) will see a Smoke Screen Indicator that displays the smoke screen’s effect time. The mechanics of the smoke screen timer will also be changed.

In standard mode, the timer displays the duration of a smoke screen which the player’s ship is currently hiding in. If the ship has entered several smoke screens at the same time, the timer will show the duration of the last smoke screen to lose its effect.

Higher priority will be given to the timer for the smoke sceen which the player’s ship is currently using. By pressing the [Alt] key, players may switch the timer to work based on the previous system; to display timer only for those smoke screens the player have set themselves.