WoT – Possible FV215b replacement

Source: Yuri Pasholok’s Livejournal

As he himself wrote, there’s no 100% chance that this will happen, but at least it existed as a prototype in 1957 ;)

inb4 reeee fake news


14 thoughts on “WoT – Possible FV215b replacement

  1. Super Conqueror, right?

    If that so i remember they keep teasing us with this for awhile now, and somehow still unable to make up their mind.

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  2. Oh look, Conqueror II, Electric Boogaloo. Don’t let all that applique armor fool you, this is just a Conqueror with extra plates bolted on to it. There is no reason this should be that much better than the regular Conqueror to mean a change in tier.

    It’s got the same gun, the same engine, worse P/W ratio thanks to the added weight of the applique armor, and the armor isn’t much of an improvement. The current Conqueror turret might as well be impenetrable, so any extra armor or a turret redesign there is largely pointless. And the hull armor is a whole 14mm thick. Yeah, it might troll the occasional HEAT shell, but any AP is going to go right through it, then the 200 effective armor beneath it. Oh, and all that extra armor cuts the gun depression from a reasonable 8 degree to a miserable 5.

    So, to sum up, they want to replace a perfectly good, if fictional tank, with the preceding tank in the line, except slightly worse in some respects, and only better in irrelevant ones. Like if they replaced the T-32 with a T-29 that had more turret armor, but worse gun depression, speed and saw tier 10 tanks.

    Meanwhile, the Chieftain model has been sitting in WG’s office for a year, and they still refuse to implement it until they can concoct a line of line of tanks to lead up to it. Because the only thing that trumps common sense is the need to bleed every single penny they can from the consumer.

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    1. None of those facts are relevant in today’s WoT. They can give it low ground resistance making the power to weight ratio virtually irrelevant, make up gun depression and even armour values. Then stick 2800 hitpoints on it and who cares how bad it is.

      But for the same reason (they no longer care about historical facts) I think it will come as an alternative tier X and the FV215b will stay.


  3. The Super Conqueror would instantly be better than the 215b because of it’s turret position, if you gave ti the same HP, DPM and gun handling then with extra turret armour, extra hull armour it;s just a much better tank.

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  4. If I recall correctly, it has around 20mm of extra upper plate armor, which would make it roughly the same as current FV215b, but it also has 14mm spaced armor above it and around the turret.

    The game model we see on the Chieftain’s Hatch intros, however, lacks the spaced armor over the hull.

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  5. Lol, here is where, in my opinion War Thunder is better then world of tanks. Even though the Conqueror in War Thunder doesnt have this armour pack available yet, when it does come out, all you have to do is research it, while as in tanks, you need to research another tank to get it. One takes maybe 15-20 battles, and another takes over 100 in my case. Just something that should be available on the lower tier Conqueror as a sidegrade and not a tier 10. Just give us the Chieftain already WarGaming.


  6. This isn’t a prototype, this is the normal Conqueror with Buster plates fitted. It was how the tank would of looked if the Cold war went hot as the plates were ready to fit if war broke out.


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