WoWS Staff on Smoke Changes

„After discussing and reviewing the Supertest participants’ feedback, we decided to continue the internal testing of the smoke visibility mechanics changes, which means the smoke visibility mechanics will remain the same in 0.6.9. Please note that we could be considering other options for this particular change. We know this affects one of the oldest in-game mechanics and we understand our players’ concerns. However, we would like to remind you guys that the purpose of Supertest is to identify the most controversial parts of the changes and to offer us a different perspective by allowing us to take a step back and observe how they interact within the game. Keep in mind that not all of the tested items/mechanics necessarily need reach the public test stage, they can be sent for revision or become completely revised.


Kandly – WoWS Community Coordinator”


15 thoughts on “WoWS Staff on Smoke Changes

      1. Like the text say the supertest is for these kind of testing, to see it’s viability. it’s not BS it’s testing.
        there is a difference between supertest and public testing.


          1. You are calling a mechanic that just reached a type of testing BS so yeah… pretty much, regardeless they have to have the chance to test it out. see the result and then try molding it to something that can be viable. only because this is the first iteration doesn’t mean it will be the final product. They need to be allowed to test it out before everyone go crazy… who know’s it can eventually become something that could assist the game.


  1. Just a rather off-topic thought, if they plan on experimenting stuff like this, why do they not have a Sandbox like in wot? Can they not afford to have one? Haven’t seen anyone ask this in Q&A, or did I miss it :v

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  2. Didn’t expect any better. They decide to take drastic measures about something and because some assholes go apeshit crazy they simply back down. Nothing will ever get better in WoWS simply because of this happening over and over and over.


    1. Shut your gob you spoiled BBaby brat. Want drastic changes eh? Then start with removing the bullshit overmatch system and reduce BB accuracy to historical levels.


      1. I play Cruisers you retarded mongrel. I was one of the first ones who cursed at WG when they buffed BBs AGAIN….so do not give me that shit.


    1. It’s simple. If there’s smoke between them and you or if you’re sitting in smoke, they can’t see you but you can’t see them either. Smoke is a defensive measure and this is how it should work in the first place.

      Its so extremely simple that i’m sure WG with their completely crazy and overcomplicated way of thinking….haven’t even thought of it.


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