WoT 9.20 ST – British Med Changes

The new characteristics of some British Medium tanks are soon to be tested on the Supertest server!

British MTs have excellent elevation angles and a good view range, but unfortunately, the turret isn’t strong enough for allowing you to fully take advantage of these top British vehicles. That’s exactly why we plan to improve the front armor of Medium tanks turrets starting from Tier VIII to Tier X.

The effective armor will now start from 240mm, which will allow you to play more confidently on terrain folds and to feel less vulnerable.

British premium MT FV4202 was not ignored either. Besides improving the front of the turret (common for all top Medium tanks), we’ll also improve the armor of the front hull so it reaches 223mm effective armor. Due to tht, FV 4202 will be able to fight with opponents using its strong front. Moreover, we’ll increase the engine power to 650 h.p., which will allow this tank to reach its maximum speed quicker, become more mobile and dynamic overall.

62 thoughts on “WoT 9.20 ST – British Med Changes

  1. What about the Centurion Mk.I?
    It’s HD remodel decimated it’s turret the same as with the FV4202. So is this info complete, or just partially released?


      1. To be honest, the current Centurion Mk 1 turret would be completely fine if it wasn’t for a few premiums that were added.


    1. I would hope so for the time being, but it does seem like they’re planning on introducing a new turret for it as well.


  2. Buff everyone’s armor.
    This will definitely increase the role of armor and reduce gold spam in a game filled with corridors.

    All of this would not be necessary if they just nerfed the pen of all tanks that came after 2015 to “regular” pens like before. 175-210 at tier 8, 200-230 at tier 9 and 240+ at tier 10.

    And just remove the damn gold ammo. Then no need for ridiculous and unhistorical buffs like that.

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    1. No. The old cent ( non he) turret had similiar armor to these buffs, and it was fine. Buffing turret armor on a hull down tank with a poor bloated hull is not op or oowercreep, just a reset to normal.

      The FV4202 is a different story, but this was one of the worst Tier8 poems so not so bad that it got hull buff. Now much like a heavium premium Caern.


  3. This is ridicoulous. They buff this, then they have to buff that and then everything else. We have tier 8-10 tanks that can barely penetrate their own tier. They are buffing armor to all tanks and then they wonder why is everyone shooting gold ammo. They overbuff several tanks and then they have to buff everything else and again and again. Maybe they should try nerf 90% tanks. The biggest nonsense are tanks like Maus, Type 4 and 5 Heavy etc. It’s impossible to penetrate it with most of the guns in the game, it has overbuffed guns and with this MM, they are basically immortal and just masacring lowtiers.


    1. Set aside whatever WG tries to do, how about you stop playing low penetration tank ? I never have to complaing about penetration when playing isu-152, or is-3.

      To be serious, the best way to balance boxy super heavy like Type 4/5 is to remove it… If you add easy to aim, easy to pen weakspot then these tanks will be shit to play. Since they are so big they can’t hide their weakspot well. Just look how shitty these tanks are before the buff.


  4. Man, they are really losing it at WG. Mediums don’t need impenatrable turrets. And that hullarmor on the FV… Man, that really is ridiculous. What are they going to do about the Cent I? The FV should not be flatout better then it’s techtree counterpart.

    I hope it’s gonna be tested well and that this doesn’t hit the live servers.

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      1. Yeah, but it still has like 90 mm effective UFP, compared to 233 on the new 4202. The gun and turret are also mostly the same, and with the new engine, the 4202 might actually be better.


  5. >British MTs have excellent elevation angles and a good view range, but unfortunately, the turret isn’t strong enough for allowing you to fully take advantage of these top British vehicles.

    Oh yeah? So we can expect the Leopard 1 to get 300mm EA on the turret too in the near future? This is getting ridiculous. These whole buffs/nerfs are slowly leading to a point where medium tanks can neither penetrate heavy tanks and not even other medium tanks frontally. Stop it.

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  6. Can we stop overbuffing everything?

    I mean, the fv needs a turret buff, but this is too much, and why are we making the hull impenetrable too?


  7. i got a feeling this will end badly. suddenly we will have is3 level front turret armor mediums that can do 50kmh with ease and have 10 degrees of gun dep too running around the battlefield… this is not helping the penetration issues in game. if anything this make prem ammo even more necessary.


  8. lol
    WG spent a lot of time and money trying to measure the thickness of the british tanks down to the last milimeter…..only to throw it all away.
    Boy, I wonder what they will do to german tanks. Here are two options:
    “German tanks have excellent accuracy and view range. Unfortunately, our horrible map design doesn’t allow them to comfortably snipe or spot, so we are reverting all the changes made to the maps over the years as well as removing garbages like Paris and Kharkov. We will also improve accuracy starting from .15 all the way to 0.05, so they won’t be as accurate as a KV-2 and hitting weakspots will actually be a thing”


    “German tanks are known for the thick box armor. Unfortunately, premium ammo and artillery don’t allow them to be unstoppable behemoths. Therefore, we will be increasing hull armor starting from 250 mm at tier VII Tiger. We will also buff the supercharged engine to 1500 hp so they don’t lose mobility”

    So, which dumb option will WG pick?


    1. WG should hire you for their marketing department. You are blessed with an exceptional talent for this kind of shit… :D


  9. wargaming balancing department just sucks
    tank underwhelming? must buff armor …
    looks like thats all they can do
    historical armor? doesnt matter anymore
    the nations gets more and more boring with these changes all looks the same so why should anybody grind all lines anymore?
    I have the feeling these guys are fucking up the good work of former developers
    But of course if you dont penetrate you ll get less credit income so either pay for premium account or pay for gold mun




  11. Man how many times will they buff/nerf the Cent 1 and 7/1 turret. This is what? The 10th time they adjust something? This will ofc make some of them viable again. But it’s still not close to how troll the old 7/1 turret was on day one.


  12. Oh boi…
    Guess WG hasn’t earn enough money from selling the FV4202 so they decided to over-fucking-buff it massively
    Tier 8 medium has armour of a fucking heavy and still having more mobility buff
    Well played WG. Well played…

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  13. Right, calm down folks. The me make this 100% clear. This is not actually a buff. What it is, is a return to normal after the horrible HD rework totally ruined the ability of these tanks to perform in a hulldown role by removing most of their frontal turret armor.

    What many people here don’t seem to realize that these tanks already had this level of armor previously, back before they were reworked into HD. That was their specialty, Popping over a ridgeline, and using their good aiming times to snap off an accurate shot before the enemy could aim in on their weakpoints. Poorly aimed snap shots had a good chance of hitting the mantlet and failing to penetrate. That was their role, and they did well in it.

    At the same time, they weren’t OP in the slightest. They still suffered from low DPM, low top speeds and massive, weak hull armor. They still had weakspots you can aim for, or you could do the ever classic technique of going somewhere else where he can’t hulldown and fighting them there. Remember, even with the buff they’re only going to be roughly as tough as the Pershing while hulldown, and their turret is an even bigger target to aim for.

    Did they need the buff. Absolutely. The Centurion 1 in particular was miserable to drive after the nerf. It had low DPM, bad armor, huge size, low alpha, low top speed, and any attempts at going hull down just led to shots through your mantlet and turret front. The 7/1 fared slightly better, due to the L7 105mm, but that gun was super trolly sometimes and led to infuriating instances of shots going nowhere near where they were aimed.

    So yes, this is a well deserved return to form, and it’s not indicative of power creep or anything else.


    1. Finally, someone actually gets what this change to the UK Meds in ST is. Have a virtual thumbs up, good sir.


    2. No? Their mantlets were never this strong before HD. The area outside their mantlets weren’t that small and easy penetrations in CQC. Those weakspots are nonexistent on the supertest turrets. The Centurion had an MG port in the gunmantlet and with high enough penetration you could shoot through the turret anywhere, really so you couldnt brawl against t10s while being invincible. Those weakspots don’t exist on the suptertest either. Don’t get me startet on those FV4202 buffs which will then be one of the best armoured t8 tanks that cant pen itself frontally. Makes the game even better, right?

      The argument brought forward for these buffs is retarded. Because of good view range and gun elevation? Like I said before, they might as well buff the armour on the Leopard 1 to the same levels.

      “Because of its speed the batchat often tends to end up in the midst of the enemy team. To adjust the tank for its role in the game we’ve decided to buff the current side armour to 300mm so people can take advantage of the strengths of their tanks”. If you start this, there is no end to it.


      1. It’s not historical, but WG threw that historical accuracy out of the window years ago. Those tanks may have a good turret, that’s only usable in certain situations. Not every map has good spots for ridgeline warriors like the Cents and half of the players doesn’t know hoe to exploit a tank like the Cents. The hullarmor of the FV is the only stupid thing, it makes it idiotproof, just like the Defender and Chrysler.


      2. Yeah, they kinda were that strong. I vividly remember blocking shots from T-95s and T110E3s consistently. It was actually quite infamous. That mantlet was a black hole for rushed shots. Now the turret cheeks are 240-250, which is stronger, but still beatable. They are completely flat, and every tier 8 TD and Tier 9 tank with few exceptions can contest that level of armor. Plus they still have the cupola, and the sloped armor on the front of the turret is still 50.8mm, meaning it’s at least partially overmatched by large guns.

        This is hardly a Chrysler GF situation. The cupola is right there, and there’s nothing he can do to hide it. Just shoot at it. Similarly, it doesn’t look like they’ve touched the lower plate of the FV4202. This is hideable, but very weak, and no amount of angling is going to make 100mm effective a threat for tier 8 tanks.

        And please stop with the comparisons to the Leopard getting armor buffs. It’s a very clear difference. The Leopard has a role. It’s a fast, sniping tank. It does alright in that role due to it’s high speed and accurate gun. If they wanted to buff it for this role, they should increase it’s camo or something similar, not increase the armor. Compared to the Centurions, who only had one role, as a hulldown harasser. They can’t cut it anywhere else. They were too big and easily spotted to work as snipers, they are too slow to be flankers, and they didn’t have the armor to be brawlers. They had absolutely nothing.

        This showed in their winrates. Despite having a long period where they were quite good for their tier, the Centurion 1 is 8th of 10 of all tier 8 MT in winrate. The tanks with worse are the terrible TVP VTU and the Indienpanzer. The Centurion 7/1 is dead last in winrate for tier 9 MTs. behind even the famously hated Leopard PTA. Even the buffed Centurion AX is 9th of 12.

        I won’t defend the FV4202 hull buffs, they are unneeded. But these tanks have been desperately needing some attention after the HD rework left them with nothing. Now, at the very least, they can go back to doing what they were good at.


  14. This is hillarious, thats like the 5th time fv4202 is getting a buff, and will finally be a good tank. Just goes to show how incredibly clueless WG balancing department is.
    That being said i would like buffs to gun handling and dmp more than armor buffs. Also nice to see it gets stronger machine, it felt slugish going uphill.


  15. The FV4202 needed the engine buff BAD!

    When will they fix the Ravioli? that thing too needs better engine and better top speed (you can get away from a flank with the AMX 50 120 at 65 km/h, but you are stuck in the Revalorise). They will also have to give it premium MM imo.


    1. Ravioli is a great tank probably best actual tier 8 med it has a very good gun with huge alpha that is almost double of other tier 8 mediums and if thats not enough it also has very good gun dispersion and depression stats

      of course it has to trade for that or it would just be broken


    2. just checked Ravioli stats second place out of 30 medium tanks tier 8 in damage dealt
      if anything this tank needs a big nerf

      gun depression down to -5 and 20% worse dispersion I would suggest


  16. I think the hull buff of the FV 4202 is overrated I dont know where they get these before and after effective armor thickness stats from but in tanks gg I can do whatever I want I dont see a 148 frontally its either auto-bounce or like 120 at best

    and even with that 148 they stated what would a change from 148 to 223 mean in real armor ?
    from 50 frontal armor to maybe 80 ? still not very impressive in close combat when they can aim down
    the hull armor is actually not very bad on long distance or hull down situations because of the autobounce ability nobody ever realized this because everybody just avoids shooting at it because the turret was easy to pen
    All that change will do is that tier 6 cannot penetrate it as easy as before if fighting this tank in close combat

    The turret buff is the more interesting part here imho not really needed this tank wasnt so bad anymore after the other buffs they should fix the op-ness of the defender and so on instead of making 500 tanks as overpowered as these


    1. I agree with you. Turretbuff is nice and not making it OP, but I’d rather see a mobility, dpm and gunhandling buff to reduce the time you have to expose yourself to shoot. It makes it more skill dependent and I think it should be like that. The armor is fine how it is and it’s not the reason that this tank is performing sub-par.


  17. The more I thought about these possible changes the more I dislike the direction. This game does not need more over buffed armor!
    That is addressing the effect instead of the cause, which still is and always was the way how premium ammo is implemented in this game.

    Yes it would be nice to have the old armor values back on these tanks from before the HD remodels, those values at least were not as ludicrous as these armor values, but that’s it.
    Most tanks, in general, would be far better of with just some dpm and some gun handling tweaks.

    WG seems to really be in an arms race with it’s self! Unable to back out of the corner they put THEMSELVES into (find a way to nerfing those premium tanks)…this if they don’t look out can become the end of them.


  18. Yeah the inability of nerfing premium tanks fucks up the whole game thats true especially with this stupidity in the balancing department
    its a shame because this game could be so great with guys in top positions who are interested in the game not in the players money
    All you can do is stop giving them money wot is the first game I ever paied money to play and I stopped doing so as the game changed to pay to win


  19. I have been waiting a long time for these buffs, no longer will light tanks and e-25’s stop in the open and just spam shots frontally right through the turret.

    Almost no-one had any fear of these tanks, hopefully that will change.

    The FV4202 will actually feel like a good premium tank finally.

    The lack of other t8 premium crew training options for the British is still worrisome though. 1 t8 is not enough.


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