WoT 9.20 Timetable

The devs have put up a timetable where they list what will happen and when. Times are RU server specific.

  • 25th July – preparation of version info
  • 26th-27th July  – official patch announcement
  • 27th July – Supertest
  • 24th-30th July – new Global Map season
  • 2nd August – WG 19th anniversary, T-29 as a gift tank
  • 2nd-3rd August – first 9.20 CT
  • 12th August – WoT’s 7th birthday, many prizes will follow
  • 16th August – second 9.20 CT
  • end of Summer – 9.20 release
  • end of Fall – 9.20.1
  • end of year – 9.21



26 thoughts on “WoT 9.20 Timetable

    1. I doubt it, due to lack of screenshots, as well as huge amount of balance changes, but we will see.

      I expect that to happen in 9.21, tho that patch might be the Kurwa tanks.


      1. It’s true about lack of new info but didn’t the say earlier that HD maps will drop in summer? But I wouldn’t put my bets on it either


        1. I really doubt it, honestly. Also WG postponing things is far from anything new.

          Then again, they surprised us with 9.18 when they decided to introduce arty changes then. No one knew that the arty changes are coming in 9.18 until they released patchnotes; it was widely thought that MM + LT changes comes first.

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  1. 9.20 definitely does not have the HD maps. It would seem logical to publish them here (anniversaries, summer break returns…) but almost 0 leaks so I highly doubt it.

    9.20.1 wont have them either, too big of a deal to not even increment the full patch number.

    9.21 would be the most likely update then. Then again for such a huge improvement I’d expect a 10.0 patch. I dont get why they considered pay2win stickers worthy of a huge 10.0 rubikon patch ; but both new physics and HD maps get a standard patching name.
    8.0 was new physics and 9.0 new graphics… Why not 10.0 for fully finished HD transition ?

    And whatever it ends uo being called ; that means no HD maps before holiday seasons or even maybe next year. I thinl they said they would be ready for summee though…


    1. Yes they said they plan to release HD maps by the end of summer and in the Tankfest Q&A they said they will be ready to tested relatively soon.

      After the release of 0.9.17 they said they will finish converting all tanks into HD in the next 3 patches. That haven’t happened either.


      1. Maybe we still have hope for 9.20 ; they did not really change their mind for HD maps release dates for a long time so maybe for once they’ll be on time.

        But its always the sale thing with WG. Everytime they promise a feature for a spcific time you just have to find back the ASAP 2014 video and here you go, they look like shit.


  2. with not even a month between 9.17 and 9.18 i feel like wg trys to profit from gold spamming maus and type 5 as long as posible


    1. Most likely the HD maps, if they are not coming out in 9.20 already. If not, probably a new tank branch (most likely the siema pl kurwa tanks).


      1. Last year at WG FEST they said there won’t be any new nations in 2017 and I guess ther meant tech trees as Pudel is already ready to appear in the premium shop. About HD maps I kinda agree with you @leggasiini but also disagree. You are right, there hasn’t been any footage of the HD maps apart from WG FEST’s, featuring Abbey map and a video, showing Mines and Cliff. These are 3 out of… what is it? 42 maps? I’m not entirely sure. But I think that WG will mark this new huge step in WoT development, called HD maps with a whole new version number, a.k.a 10.0, not just a regular one like 9.21. But WG may change their plans so that after 9.20.1 comes 10.0, who knows…


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