Strongholds: War Games Testing on 22 July

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On 22 July, War Games, a new competitive format in the Strongholds mode, will be available for public testing.

War Games will consist of four disciplines, each with their own rankings, of which places are distributed among clans according to the number of points earned in Skirmishes and Advances. Clans that earn winning places will get rewards: level XI and XII Reserves and in-game gold.

During the test on 22 July, War Games will be available for 3 hours between 20:00 and 23:00 CEST. After the testing finishes, the War Games schedule, conditions, and rewards might be changed.

War Games Disciplines

War Games will include four disciplines:

  • Vanquish — points can be earned for the difference between the teams’ scores. The bigger the difference, the more points received.
  • Rush — points can be earned for quick victories. The faster a detachment wins a battle, the more points their clan will get.
  • Demolition — points can be earned by destroying enemy vehicles. Clans receive points for each enemy vehicle destroyed.
  • Assembly — points can be earned for the number of victorious legionnaires in a detachment. Clans receive points for each legionnaire in the detachment.

Every battle in the Strongholds mode can provide a clan with points in the four disciplines simultaneously.

The number of points received will depend on the battle format and mode. It will be higher in Advances than in level VI–VIII Skirmishes.

Disciplines are not interdependent. If a clan earns winning places in different discipline rankings, they will receive rewards for all of them.

War Games Frequency

During the test on 22 July, War Games will be available for 3 hours between 20:00 and 23:00 CEST. When War Games end, rewards will be added to the accounts of the winners.

War Games Rewards

All War Games will have their own prize fund. Clans can get level XI and XII Reserves and in-game gold as a reward. The prize fund and the number of winning places will be displayed in the Strongholds interface.

Reserves will be added to the winning clans’ Storage. The gold will be distributed amongst their members (those who participated in battles), depending on their personal efficiency. Legionnaires who joined winning clan detachments will also get rewards.

When War Games testing finishes, all necessary changes will be applied, and the mode will be released on a regular basis. Testing launch times will be announced later via news on our portal.

War Games are a competition among clans in the Stronghold mode. The competition is held during certain periods of time and includes four disciplines. Clans earn points, and the most successful competitors take prize-winning positions and receive clan and personal rewards.

Click WAR GAMES in the upper-left corner of your Stronghold to open the War Games screen.

  1. Information. Discipline descriptions and War Games rules.
  2. War Games start and finish times.
  3. War Games history. Click  to view previous War Games results.
  4. Discipline panel. Before the competition, shows short descriptions for disciplines and their top rewards. During War Games, displays your clan’s points and ranking in each discipline.

War Games Rules

  • All clans automatically compete in all disciplines if they engage in Skirmishes and Advances during War Games.
  • Clans receive points for their performance in every discipline. The number of points received depends on the battle mode, selected division in Skirmishes, and battle result.
  • Clans also receive additional points for their best result in every discipline.
  • If a clan earns enough points, it takes a prize-winning position in a discipline ranking.


During War Games, clans compete in four disciplines: Vanquish, Rush, Demolition, and Assembly.

  • Vanquish
  • Rush
  • Demolition
  • Assembly

Clans receive points for the difference between the teams’ scores. If the score is not in a clan’s favor, this clan does not receive points.

Both winning and losing battles are counted.

Skirmish: Division VI 25
Skirmish: Division VIII 50
Skirmish: Division X 125
Advance 375
Example. A Skirmish in Division X ended with a score of 8:1 to your clan. Points of difference: 7. Points received in Vanquish: 7 × 125 = 875.


During every War Games, four separate rankings are formed for each discipline. The number of prize winning positions is different for each discipline.

Clans that earn enough points take prize-winning positions in a discipline. Clans that earn the most points get to the top of the ranking. If several clans receive an equal number of points in Vanquish, Demolition, or Assembly, the clans that have spent less time in battles get the higher positions.

To view a discipline ranking, click the corresponding discipline card on the War Games screen.

  1. Discipline name and competition start and finish times.
  2. Navigation. Click  to view other discipline rankings.
  3. Rules. Click to read the competition rules.
  4. Ranking. Click to return to the discipline ranking.
  5. Clans’ tags and names, their rewards, points, and time spent in battles.


Clans that take prize-winning positions get various rewards.

You can earn two types of reward in War Games:

  • Clan reward—high-level Reserves
  • Personal reward—credits and gold

Personal rewards are distributed among players according to their contribution to the competition results. The more points you earn for the clan, the more gold and credits you get.

If a legionnaire fought in your detachment, this player earns 100% of the personal reward, unlike Industrial Resource (see Legionnaire Reward).

2 thoughts on “Strongholds: War Games Testing on 22 July

  1. Looks like WG have completely lost touch with there community, to little to late, again

    Strongholds is not what it once was~ WG keep complicating and fixing things for ‘reasons’ like?
    my Clan lost all interest in SH’s once Clan wars arrived (with all its Gold & territories
    Tier 6 SH used to be fun – until you tried T8 and T10 where its better (but still shit re:- CW’s

    surprised SH’s is still going at all given the complete disinterest from WG
    Tier 6 SH’s is the only viable ‘activity’ that small to medium Clans (normal Clans) can offer where you can still feel you have done well, or even enjoy.


    1. I am surprised you have sticked with it for as long as you have ghehe.

      For me SH completely lost it’s appeal when WG introduced their “sbmm” balance thingy for SH. Every SH battle in a session became a tryhard battle and not relaxing as it once was.
      Personally lost interest in tier 8 SH much earlier, around the time those borderline over performing premiums were released and I already though the current IS-3 in it’s shape and form was bordering near tier 8.5 already.

      Stronghold could really have been a very nice, I could see it being integrated with CW to some extent.
      For instance with a campaign-like map rotation, with several new maps, all situated in the same area. Simulating map capture with a final map as a main objective and some reward going with it.
      Also colored sides (red/green/blue/purple/etc) to which each clan can affiliate themselves, so you could generate group based global map capture objectives. Little bit like Star Conflict has.

      So much could have been done with SH shame to see how WG is developing it, or would I rather say not developing it.


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