WoWS 0.6.9: More new content and other changes

As mentioned before, a new campaign will be arriving in patch 0.6.9, together with new collectibles and the legendary captain Yamamoto.

By completing the collection, players will also unlock the abilities:
-To change the colour scheme of Japanese basic camouflage on all Japanese ships
-To show 2 commemorative flags on all Japanese ships
New mechanic: Smokefire penalty
-Smokefiring penalty is implemented and ships firing inside or next to smoke screens accelerate the dissipation of smoke, the exact mechanism is not yet explored. (secondaries, AA and torpedoes will not cause any penalties)
-It is speculated that the mechanic will be based on a value set for every gun caliber, and the penalty will be based on (caliber penalty * # of guns fired)

34 thoughts on “WoWS 0.6.9: More new content and other changes

  1. Its to good to be true.
    Now WG have only to fix the fire mechanic and to balance the CVs properly then the game is balanced.


    1. Whats wrong with the fire mechanic ? and dont you think that they also need to adjust the effectiveness of AP rounds on dd there is rarely a need to switch ammo when you play bb

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      1. Its a joke that a ship that her fire is extinguished can directly catch fire again. Thats makes all cruisers OP against BBs they spam BBs with Fire and HE rounds to death and a cruiser can evade every singe salve. Or we do a another thing we make the maps bigger and gives the BBs her histerically correct range and accuracy


        1. So… World of Battleships? Cruisers have to spam retarded amounts of shells to bring down a battleship while a battleship can just lolclick and there goes half your health with one RNG-blessed volley.

          But hey, considering how retarded the upcoming British battleships look, maybe your dreams will come true.

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            1. All they did was to shadow Bismarck mostly. They only came in for the kill during the Bismarck’s last battle after battleships had their way with her.


        2. “make the maps bigger and gives the BBs her histerically correct range and accuracy” 1-3% rate to hit anything if you want that but if you want history involved pls limit the bbs to the actual numbers build per game so one Bismark and one Tirpitz per game

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  2. Gonna be watching close to see the specifics of this smokefire penalty…considering they’ve released an entire line (RN CLs) and some prems (Belfast, MK, Perth…etc) that are reliant, at least to some extent, on concealing themselves to provide fire support. It would also be unfortunate if this added a way for players with large caliber guns to grief teammates and make their smoke dissipate faster. It all depends on how it’s done and we don’t have enough information at this point of course. Just some points to ponder as we wait for any specifics.


    1. If this is a roundabout way to nerf ships like Belfast and Kutuzov without hitting the stats directly, that’s okay. Smoke cruisers are kind of BS. I just hope they don’t hit DDs with it. Ships like Akizuki and Blyska are already hurting enough after the removal of stealth-firing.


  3. WG just still can’t stop putting the hurt on DDs. Stealthfiring? Removed. BBs with hydro, and now radar? Here you go. BB AP being so effective there’s no point to switch to HE to shoot DDs? Done. And now there’s going to be a penalty just for using one of your only defensive measures? WG needs to stop making the only ships able to counter BBs other BBs.

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  4. From another perspective, they’re trying to shape the current meta into something else. I mean, you gotta admit, its stressful that youre in a ship where your only defense against a DD/CA shooting HE from inside the smoke is to run away (if youre far) or charge in (depending on the situation). Of course if you have torpedoes, the satisfying kill of torpedoeing a smoke is there, but yes.

    Sort of like when they made arty to specifically counter camping TD’s, and players eventually shaped it so that it counters slow, lumbering heavies and stationary targets in general. Lesta/WG made the smoke mechanic to run away or to cover an assault or to make ambushes. They didn’t expect that players would use it so that it’d be a temporary invisibility cloak where you could shoot almost without any repercussions (again, it depends on the situation. Clearly doesn’t apply if you’re a BB and you’re stealthshooting a DD, which in turn just torpedoes the smoke you’re in.)

    I do hope this is a step in the right direction in fixing this game.
    Oh, and they better nerf the overpowered premiums. (Yes, that certain british cruiser in tier 7).


    1. The counter to smoked up ships are both shipborne and airborne torpedoes, hydrophones, radar and blind firing into the smokescreen on the source of the tracers. Stop acting like smoke is some magic doodad that invalidates your battleship. Teamplay is what is in order, not crying about how unfair a smoked up DD is.

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      1. And besides that, how comes, that the teams are practically always half-full with BBs only? Why are there, at any given time, 10 BBs for each cruisers or DD in the queue? The game doesn’t need more disincentives to play DDs or smoke-cruisers.

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        1. Like I said, from another perspective. Stop trying to prove I’m wrong and you’re right.
          Go play in Asia Server, you’ll see what I mean. BB’s don’t dictate the games there, CV’s and DD’s and CA;s do.
          Oh wait, no one will, because they’re too damn salty. Even flamu didn’t last a single game there.


  5. “-Smokefiring penalty is implemented and ships firing inside or next to smoke screens accelerate the dissipation of smoke,”

    This is a big FU to British cruisers, and i like it. They abused this mechanic a bit too much. The worst cruisers in the game, in terms of stats, are the best performers only because of this shit. Good riddance. BUT….they’re going to make gunship DDs even less relevant.

    So the only good way to do it would be to to lay smoke and turn around and fire from behind it? Anyway, i can only imagine the rage this is going to cause. Not only in the forums but also in the battle. You lay down smoke and some clueless idiot comes inside and starts firing. It’s going to be hilarious


  6. “You lay down smoke and some clueless idiot comes inside and starts firing. It’s going to be hilarious”

    Either they are clueless and don’t know of the new game mechanic, or they are griefers/trolls and deserve a report for unsporting behaviour/poor gameplay.

    Anyway, I expect more rage from the Belfast/Fiji/Flint wankers than from DD players this time.


  7. screw the smoke fire penalty I want a way for BBs to hit these bastards who keep burning me down and I cant fight back, fix the damn accuracy of BB guns!!!!!!!!


    1. BB inaccuracy is compensated by their ridiculous damage when they hit and don’t overpen-bounce. It’s like the pre-stun WoT artillery in a way – very powerful guns but abysmal accuracy so each shot is at the mercy of RNG. One volley you might blow a cruiser in half with lolcitpens, another you’ll only kill fishes, and so on.

      If anything, I’d rather WG do something about cruiser survivability (not the British though, they already have heal and smoke). DDs have stealth, BBs have armor and heal, most cruisers have what, hopes and dreams? :(


  8. hi out there,

    Sounds great, excepted Smoke penalty!
    …Smoke penalty …wtf ???

    Then i will use my smoke for my own only while playing dd.
    How will it be compensated? At least with 1 (better2) more smoke loads?

    A Much better idea would be to shrink the amounts of dds in One Match to 3 in each site at max.
    By regarding Software development, this is Much easier to create….

    WG Please rethink this.
    Thank you


    1. Destroyers aren’t the only issue, though I agree that there should be a cap. Also, sometimes the mm goes nuts and we have severely messed up DD matchups, like one team having a DD and the other having none, or higher tier DDs on one team against lower tier DDs on the other.

      IMHO, it’s the British cruisers and their abuse of smoke firing that led to this (also Kutuzov, and Flint is the bonus). These are all ships that make ‘park in smoke and spam like a bitch until the smoke runs out’ their core gameplay. Once more, WG screwed up and the players readily jumped on a strong game mechanic they can abuse as much as possible. And abuse they do (afaik Fiji and Belfast were the top performers of the Tier 7 ranked season).


  9. Another giant middle finger to DD players (and Brit cruisers, this time). It’s becoming meme-worthy, at this point.

    This particular nerf is really going to screw up my game. There are lots of times when I’ll pop smoke to cover a BB that’s getting focused. Now, there’s no point. He’ll be an idiot and keep firing, and then the smoke will dissolve.

    WG, stop fucking with us DDs! Nerf someone else for a bit!


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