WoWS: Monarch Announced

Pics from WoWS Facebook. It’s likely to be a premium ship.


20 thoughts on “WoWS: Monarch Announced

    1. its more likely that we will be getting 2 tier 7 BBs Nelson and KGV and Monarch as the tier 8 regular and Vangard as tier 8 prem with probably Prince of Wales being a stock KGV premium at tier 6


        1. Renown & Repulse would fit better in to a BC line with Repulse being tier 5 and Renown being tier 6
          and the Revenge class will probably fit in to a second BB line and as a Russian premium tier 6
          2nd BB line consisting of Tier 3 – HMS St. Vincent, Tier 4 – HMS Colossus, Tier 5 King George V (1911) probably HMS Centurion, and Tier 6 HMS Revenge leading to either Nelson or KGV (1939) depending on how it works out.

          BC Line Tier 3 – HMS Invincible, Tier 4 – HMS Lion, Tier 5 – HMS Repulse Tier 6 – HMS Renown, Tier 7 – Admiral Class, Tier 8 – G3 Class, Tier 9 – ???, Tier 10 HMS Incomparable (with modified armament)

          Premiums – R.N. Tier 3 – HMS Dreadnought, Tier 4 – HMS Agincourt, Tier 5 – HMS Queen Mary, Tier 6 – HMS Warspite, HMS Prince of Wales, Tier 7 – HMS Hood, Tier 8 HMS Vanguard

          Russian Premium – Tier 6 – Arkhangelsk (ex HMS Royal Sovereign)

          Commonwealth Premiums – Tier 6 – HMS Canada (BB), Tier 3 – HMAS Australia (BC)


            1. Unfortunately due the RN’s history the tree is going to be very premium heavy as there at least 2 more DD premiums other than the two already know about and at least 1 CV premium plus what i mentioned above (I have included ships that already in the tree i.e. Warspite)


  1. Monarch looks as a mix of KGV and Lion?
    Size sort of same as KGV tho.
    And Gun layout as Lion.
    What IS this ship for class?

    This ship is not HMS Monarch (1911) atleast.

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    1. In this case Monarch is a fictional name, the ship is basically the original design for the KGV class BB with 9 15″ guns


        1. Most likely candidate for a tier 10 BC is HMS Incomparable you would have to change the main guns as the design was to have 6 20″ main guns I have made my prediction for a BC line and a second BB line too tier 7 in a comment further up the page


  2. Postwar lattice masts? KGV hull? Three triple turrets? What is this even supposed to be? And why? You have some of the most famous ships, why invent even more? This is not tier IX-X or the stronk Soviet Navy..


  3. Right….so it’s going to be Gneisenau/Scharnhorst situation all over again.The premium one will probably be Prince of Wales with the 14″ guns. Oh well….it doesn’t bother me that much because i’m only interested in Nelson anyway.


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