Video: Erlenberg Changes

00:01 – The old version of the map Erlenberg
01:04 – New, 1st version of the Erlenberg map
03:25 – New, 2nd version of the Erlenberg map (different base locations)


22 thoughts on “Video: Erlenberg Changes

  1. They almost make me like the current version…

    Seriously though, the first rework adds the god of corridors in the city. One straight wide street where Mauses and Type5 will form an unbreachable wall all game long and slowly but surely advance towards the ennemy cap while being out of reach for both TDs and arty. GG WG, another fair and balanced map.

    Rework 2 is a bit better but it does not improve anything. Each side will have a camping area which will have the opposite effect of what WG wanted, aka “stop lemming trains” (sure WG add a single camping spot per side and expect the whole team to go on the river side where they are exposed to ennemy campers… fucktards…). At least arty will have an easy blindfire spot and will be able to focus campers instead of tanks that push forward.

    Keep erlenberg how it is currently.The only thing this map needs is fucking invisible walls all around the river so monkeys stop drowning themselves or each other. Both of these changes will promote gamebreaking behavior and increase the already toxic atmosphere. This map will join the group of unwanted maps along with shits like Karkov and Stalingrad.


    1. Also in the 1st version: 2 corners of the map provide concealment, cover and a HUGE open ground with no cover for TDs to camp and no way at all to attack them.


            1. The are simply reshaping the maps for the new Tier X, the IS-11/9. This tank be so tight, that you gonna need plat ammo for it, cause gold ain’t gonna do shit.


  2. Anything broken on the recent map? I have supposed the shitheads are hard working on HD maps now. Or maybe that work is not so hard. Or maybe some shitheads were reassigned from making new maps to making new premium vehicles.


  3. There’s no rhyme or reason to the changes in the 1st new version except “put in more buildings.” Seriously, the map is completely unbelievable that anyone would lay out a town like that. WG needs to look more towards realistic towns to create better maps then add in little “points of interest” where tanks would go fight.

    The 2nd iteration isn’t much better. Too many sniper points covering important areas.

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      1. You’re forgetting Himmelsdorf. Lots of people love that map and it is based on a real place.

        Ruinberg is another one, and although it’s not always a favorite, its design is believable.


        1. Himmelsdorf is a clusterfuck of different real things, making it the least realistic map. IIRC they made a video showing how it was made, what they used as real life inspirations, and how they merged everything into a fantasy map.


      2. If by realistic you mean a map not is not necessarily a copy of a real place, but rather feature a terrain and objects that are shaped and placed in a believable fashion, then Ensk, Prohorovka, Malinovka and Murovanka, also look realistic to me, and apart from Ensk the gameplay on these maps doesn’t bother me too much, regardless of the tank I’m playing.


  4. Absolutely terrible redesign of this map. To be honest there is very little wrong with it at the moment, it’s actually one of the better maps.

    Just because it plays out in a predictable way and has a selection of key points, doesn’t mean it’s a bad map. It’s consistent,


    1. It is bad though, because of the river and limited points where it can be crossed. If devs decided to make the river shallow and passable, maybe with few patches of deep water here and there, if would be a lot better map with far less camping. And that’s it. Just make the river more shallow. Map fixed.


  5. Ugh, that first one… “Let’s make sure heavies can push without being shot.” It’s as if WG only wants people to play tanks with armor. The second one is better than the first, but I don’t have a problem with the current version — though I figured a change would be coming, since someone who understands vision can dominate whichever side they’re on. (Can’t have that — the noobs don’t understand vision.)

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  6. WG needs to go back to the drawing boards in the map department. Its all to close range and nearly 0 ability to snipe safely because you can now just guess where the fire is coming from and blind fire. If this is the future I hope they make a separate client where you can play one the old maps 2013 and earlier. The incomplete map at-least makes use of the the space available but is just to unfinished to comment on but it could be made into something worthwhile. The last map is further dumbed down version of the current one. It just sad of the time and money spend on this game and seeing it going further into a direction of the mainstream “pick a fast heavy or medium” and p0wn.

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  7. WG philosophy for all and any new Maps in WOT
    is close quarter brawling so

    – corridors, and everywhere

    – choke points / kill zones / faster games

    – Heavy Tank obvious bias (for comfortable play you understand

    – little if any ‘natural cover’ its designer cosmetic cover for Dev’s to drool over (not play

    – Big Map is now small this by design after you take away all the ‘lost land’ from massive Mountains on all 4 sides and etc

    WG cannot build a realistic Map and fun anymore – its beyond them now
    its my guess the WG Dev’s are all pencil pushers and yes men that never actually play WOT

    imo. this ‘designer template shit for Maps’ is typical WG office Dev’s doing there 9 to 5 at work, then go home never play the game at all (as the Maps are shit!


  8. Now that we have the two preview video’s I personal think the Erlenberg as we have it is quite OK.

    Both two version don’t bring any good changes to this map, so it is better to scrap both rework idea’s and leave Erlenberg as is.

    Change for the sake of change hasn’t brought any thing good in the past. When will management and the lead devs start to learn this basic of: don’t change what ain’t broken.
    Unless those common phrases don’t exist, or are impossible to be translated, in Russian.


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