World of Warships Blitz? Or is it…

I decided to repost this (with permission) because there is no way anyone can better cover this subject.


Hi Admirals,

Today we see the release of World of Warships Blitz. But don’t be so happy yet. It used Unity. which means I have totally no idea how to mod it.

That’s one of the two bad news. The second bad news…… the game itself.

Welcome to World of Warships Blitz or as I call it “Because it’s too much effort to make a new game so we copied another game and Whore-Gay-Ming-ified it and released it”.

What does that even mean, Maddox? Good question, Lemme test your intellengence, tell me how the following screenshots of the two games are similar? (Another game which was released for at least 9 months)

Now tell me the differences….. except the WoTB like interface. any? yeah….. I think it’s pretty apparent, right?

I can’t believe I waited so long and went a bit crazy, just for this.

It seems people are still not convinced that Senkan Strike and WoWsB are basically the same game. With WoWsB as the newer game, in this case WG made the “CopyCat” but people are actually blaming the devs of Senkan Strike for being copycats. I will start the discussion by telling you guys the Game Engines used.

Game Engines used by WG:

World of Tanks: BigWorld Engine
World of Warships: BigWorld Engine
World of Tanks Blitz: Dava Engine (a cross platform game engine made by WG and Dava Consulting, and they are still maintaining the Game Engine updates till this day, has higher performance compared to many of the current game engines that support multi platform games, highly mod friendly)
World of Warships Blitz: Unity (worse performance compard to Dava Engine hard to mod)

Game Engine by Senkan Strike: Unity.

Wait. Why would WG ditch the amazing Dava Engine that took them so long to develop, and instead use a game engine that has worse performance, and which is hard to mod? I mean, I don’t really care if it’s hard to mod, but worse performance? I feel like WoWsB has an average fps of 40, crashed quite a lot while I played, while I can easily feel the 60fps, without game crashes or sudden lag even with mods in WoTB.

The fact that WG chose to use Unity, it’s already suspecious enough, but the exactly same engine as Senkan Strike?

Well, Here we go. War Thunder, Armored Warfare, they both ripped off WoT, according to your logic. but why is the gaming community not mad about it?

Moreover, If we only talk about MOBILE PLATFORM, it’s apparent that Senkan Strike was the earlier game compared to WoWsB, and it’s WG who actually ripped off Senkan Strike. I’ll see if you are able to repeat the same sentence with the same face after the following few pictures.

Next, the Game Files. What’s up with the game files? Thanks to Freewheeler, I am able to get my hands on both Senkan Strike game files and WoWsB Game Files.

Either one of them is WoWsB and the other one is Senkan Strike, I can’t even tell them apart anymore:

Left: Senkan Strike, Right: WoWsB:

File Structure of the two games: Left: WoWsB, Right: Senkan Strike (This picture is provided by Freewheeler):

File names, File contents are EXACTLY the SAME. Even game folder file structure is almost exactly the same.

Senkan Strike: April 2017, Unity Engine.

WoWsB: July 2017, Unity Engine.

But both games have the exact same game files. Hint: Maybe it’s WG.

Oh, one more thing. Did WG ever used, or Line? Did you guys ever heard of these sites? you might have heard of Line, but WG definitely never have used it before, same with, then so what are these logos doing in a WG game?

I don’t think WG is that retarded (or maybe they are after all) to go directly copy another game and make it theirs, What I think actually happened is that they asked the devs of Senkan Strike to make a WoWsB version of the game. So basically 90% of the elements of Senkan Strike remained in WoWsB. But I will have to give WG a 0 out of 100 for not creating their own game by themselves, and ask a company instead which copied their idea, to create the game. Are WG really that thristy for money to a point where they are tired of creating games, and ask other people to create their ATM for them?

I will close down the WoWsBMods site because it’s simply not worth it anymore. I WILL NOT MAKE ANY MODS FOR WOWSB until they change this whole game.