Supertest: Chinese Mediums Changes (+ Armor)



23 thoughts on “Supertest: Chinese Mediums Changes (+ Armor)

      1. The problem is you can avoid playing the churchill gc but you cannot avoid facing packs of no frontal weak spot T 34 3 wolfpacks in the next month at least not if you wanne play tier 6 and upwards
        and I am pretty sure in Tier 8 there is not a single tank I would actually have less fun playing with than a T 34 2

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  1. wow the turret armor thats far more than I expected
    I already called it a massive buff without even counting in the turret armor buff
    thats not even funny anymore why not give it 7 degrees of depression like the type 59 also and same mobility as the 34 2

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    1. it will have the sam troll turret armour as the type 59, 200 mm armour directly under the gun, but it has a slab of 280mm somewhere else


    1. Also, I think that all 250mm penetration HEAT shells will become 275mm penetration shells for all the tanks that are currently using them, because of …Defenders&Co.


  2. Well, if these changes will go live, those of us who do not own a Type 59 will finally be able to. Yes there are differences, but T-34-3 with these buffs will be the closest thing to Type available to everyone.

    Too bad for T-34-2, I guess that thing is doomed to be a ‘grind-through-me’ wall that has to be taken down to reach WZ-120.


  3. ok first off. a big “FU” from T-34-2 to WG.

    2nd off…..T-34-3….it needed pen or accuracy. aim time isn’t gonna help when its pen is so low it needs weakspots. and its accuracy is so bad fully aimed it cant hit weakspots anyway.

    the armor buff is nice…but with the penetration power creep. it wont help much

    so in the end….its still a tank that can’t hit shit. with penetration that can’t pen shit. with dpm that will be shot to death by any heavies. and even a fair number of tier 7s.


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