WoWS 0.6.8: Other changes #2

-AB turret firing arc reduced by 1 degree
-Firing range reduced from 29.2km to 24.25km
-Surface detectability reduced from 19.08km to 14.76km
-Turning radius reduced from 950m to 940m

-All hydroacoustic search consumables replaced by surveillance radar consumables

-Catapult plane removed
-Sigma reduced to 1.9

-128mm secondaries reload decreased from 5s to 4s

-Reload time of triple torpedo tubes of Hull A decreased from 69s to 55s ; reload time of quintuple torpedo tubes of Hull B decreased from 115s to 92s

-Basic firing range reduced from 16.95km to 15.05km


12 thoughts on “WoWS 0.6.8: Other changes #2

  1. German secondaries fire even faster, because they’re struggling so much now?
    also, Myogi range reduced, why on earth, one of the points about the IJN BB line is that they have the best range, I don’t know anyone that has said that ship was overperforming…


    1. They got their damage and fire percent chance nerfed as well in the patch since apparently it was bugged. The buff to the 128s is probably to rectify that change a little bit.


        1. And when you couple the fact that they naturally deal damage to targets with less than 32mm of armor, that slowly becomes very dangerous.

          Someone tried the Kurfurst with IFHE, and in a training room, absolutely murdered a Yamato with secondaries. It literally took him half the time.


            1. and that’s one of lower values, specially handpick turret archived even 25RPM using ready-use ammunition.
              also guns on Montana (127mm/51) archived greater range than german, Japan and UK counterparts…


              1. I think WG disregard ready-use bit unless they use it to justify a “buff”. It’s more about how much the ammo hoist is capable of moving.


  2. Okay. If they are going to keep that freaking change to the 128mm fire rate, they need to buff the same stat for the 127mm/38 secondaries for USN as WELL. Let the German BBs have their range, while the USN BBs get the fire rate.


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