WoT Q&A – Falathi at NewMulti2k

Source: Rykoszet

Polish CM Falathi got interviewed by Polish CM NewMulti2k.

Q: Wheeled vehicles?
A: As the tests of the armored cars during the WWI event have shown, we can, as it was a working prototype. Right now we’re polishing the code for such vehicles, and it’s probable that we will soon have wheeled vehicles in-game.

Q: Studzianki map?
A: It’s postponed at least until all maps are given the shiny HD treatment.

Q: The return of historical mode?
A: Right now we’re focused on the Frontline mode, the Historical Battles are currently shelved.

Q: Multi-gun mechanism?
A: Sekrit dokumints)))) (according to Rykoszet, if everything goes well, ST will soon get an M3 Lee with working turret)

Q: Changes to the training room?
A: Nope, nothing planned.

Q: New personal missions?
A: No info here, who knows?

Q: How did the 30vs30 test go?
A: It ended quite well. We need to improve the mode, using the feedback we’ve gathered. The faster tanks are definitely at an advantage here, so that has to be adressed. Another round of tests will definitely be done on the sandbox, and then probably on the CT.

Q: Do you plan to roll back some 9.18 changes?
A: Some people like the changes, some don’t. The devs in general think that it’s a step in the right direction. If the data gathered in a longer timespan will show that something is wrong, we will start changing thihngs gradually. We won’t roll back 9.18 changes just because a lot of people have a negative opinion about it, because at the same time a lot more have a good opinion about it.

Q: Which tree has a greater chance to be the first one to get implemented – Polish, Italian or Hungarian?
A: A decision hasn’t been made yet, but the appearance of the Polish tree is almost sure. Nothing can be said yet, however.

Q: How long before HD maps can be tested?
A: Right now the maps are being transfered into HD quality, and soon as they are done, you will be able to test them. HD maps have a high priority, so it might happen rather soon. All maps will be HDified at once, unlike the tanks. There’s no set schedule yet. The work on them is a bit slowed down by the fact that an HD map has to have a slightly SD variant for weak computers.

Q: IS-6 buff?
A: Dunno. Compared to the Defender, it has a ROF and MM advantage, but that’s apparently not enough.

Q: EU3 server?
A: Won’t happen because of various technical difficulties And besides, two server ought to be enough for everyone.

Q: Server downtime compensation?
A: Nothing has been decided, but something might be done.

Q: Lower tier ranked battles?
A: Right now only Tier X is taken into account, but soon Tier VIII RB might be a thing, just like it was with CW.

Q: What are the criteria for premium store specials?
A: Specials like that are put up using such criteria as eg. the popularity of a given tank. Sometimes one server has a better special becasue of a specific event, like an anniversary. Each server has its own way of handling specials, but we’re trying to standarize them across servers, so the disrepancies are minimal. On a side note, the RU server is a bit different because of their economy altogether.