Chinese Server: 9.19.1 TD Branch Trailer


13 thoughts on “Chinese Server: 9.19.1 TD Branch Trailer

  1. give to other servers pls, i dont care about historical accuarcy anymore , (wtfe100 , e25 size, fv215 120, and many other bs tanks)


      1. There is still T28 prot, E4, GW E100, some of the in-game Jap heavies and ConquerorGC that are all completely unhistorical and there are no signs of removing those


  2. I wouldn’t mind a few more tanks in the game as well. They should be balanced though, so let them play in that server and see how it goes. Or even put them on the sandbox server and collect some data from there.
    Are there players that really concearned for some tanks not being accurate and offended by seing some “blueprins-only” tanks or even some well-balanced made-up tanks?


  3. You do realize that WG has nothing to do with the China Server right? That’s why they have the Type 59G, you can even buy T10’s with RL cash.

    WG just leases the game client to a China national company who does everything there. Just like any company that wants to do business in China it has to run through their national companies 1st.


    1. chinese server is just another big supertest server of WG—full of premium vehicles&ammo,cheat mods, brainless/blind noobs…


  4. Disgusting fake tanks. Even more frightening is that the line, 11 tanks, all fake tanks, adding the game will undoubtedly seriously damage the lower limit of the game


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