WoT Q&A 08.07.2017

UPDATE: Replaced with Vlad’s more complete translation.

Interview with Alexey “Inaki” Ilyin (Global WoT producer)

– T-62A will not lose popularity after the Obj. 140 buff. The T-62 still has a better armored turret. Yes, we do know that the tanks are quite similar, moreover, we also have the 430 and the 907 and the T-22 med. We do want to separate all these vehicles somehow. But if you look at how players react to the BatChat, which is, mind you, not a nerf, but a rebalance, I became afraid of the reaction if we start touching the Soviet MT’s. Maybe we will look into them sometime later, but we aren’t quite ready for that right now.
– The Type 59 got changed a bit, it should be on supertest next week. I won’t tell what we changed for now, you’ll see for yourself.
– By the way, several vehicles will appear on the supertest next week. We’ll test the Pattons – M46 and M48A1. They are almost all right, except that they aren’t very popular vehicles. Big turret, many weakspots. The vehicle is basically made obsolete by all other mediums. They lack something in the overall characteristics.
– 59-Patton will be changed as well.

Some additional answers from Tankfest:
– There are plans to change the economy: no more constant “farm silver and dump it into driving tier 10”.
– New matchmaker caused in some cases for the overall HP per team to drop, which causes less average damage per player and thus less credits per battle. We’re working on this.
– After remaking the maps in HD, we’ll start working on gameplay changes on these very maps.