Summer Transfer at Wargaming

Vyacheslav (Slava) Makarov got a promotion – he was the head of the R&D department and will now be the head of the Minsk office of WoT, starting from 24.07.2017.
Following that, he invited Alexander (IRBIS) Gorbachenko to be the head of a revived department: “Development of clan community with cybersport focus”. The department will be an outsourced one.

The withdrawal of Natus Vincere (Na.Vi) from WoT confused the management in Cyprus. They are currently heavily discussing the future of cybersports in WoT and in the next week, representatives of this community will arrive on Cyprus for a meeting/summit. From the CIS, these are: Dmitry “de1uxe” Repin (ex-Na.Vi), Yuri “YR” Bucharov (Tornado Energy), Anna “Traxi” Taranova (Brain Storm) and Dmitry “KycoK_Ov4arku” Kasatkin (Carpe Diem).