Summer Transfer at Wargaming

Vyacheslav (Slava) Makarov got a promotion – he was the head of the R&D department and will now be the head of the Minsk office of WoT, starting from 24.07.2017.
Following that, he invited Alexander (IRBIS) Gorbachenko to be the head of a revived department: “Development of clan community with cybersport focus”. The department will be an outsourced one.

The withdrawal of Natus Vincere (Na.Vi) from WoT confused the management in Cyprus. They are currently heavily discussing the future of cybersports in WoT and in the next week, representatives of this community will arrive on Cyprus for a meeting/summit. From the CIS, these are: Dmitry “de1uxe” Repin (ex-Na.Vi), Yuri “YR” Bucharov (Tornado Energy), Anna “Traxi” Taranova (Brain Storm) and Dmitry “KycoK_Ov4arku” Kasatkin (Carpe Diem).


27 thoughts on “Summer Transfer at Wargaming

    1. RNG is NOT why wot is not a successful Esport. Its because the majority of the world just doesnt care about tanks. It is what it is.


  1. So they promoted the guy with the “let’s make premiums as good as the regular tanks” and then pulled out all the pay to win tanks?
    It can be a good thing, now that he is no longer there, but he can fuck up the game in other ways now!


  2. I’m actually quite happy with this.

    Slava pointed out that ranked battles really show that the game economy needs a serious overhaul and that players should not feel forced to buy premium time/tank. Even if players are still butthurt about his comment on the arty class and its players, this guy moving up the chain is probably a good thing.


    1. At least the remaster is comparably better than the old version, too bad they did not implement the expansion packs as well.


    1. You mean the guy who never played any ESL in WoT and has probably watched less than 2 hours of it? Yeah his opinion really matters xD


      1. He touched the rough gist of it for those who don’t follow the esport part of WoT like, at all.
        I’m not saying he’s 100% right (cause I’m a follower of WoT esports myself and some things he said I’d disagree on the spot) but hey, everyone has opinions riiiight?


        1. Though in my personal opinion, the fact that the balance department don’t go hand in hand with WoT esports department (which I can understand since esport is not a big thing in WoT, its a historical-ish game after all) is a main factor in why less and less people are watching than when it first debuted.


      2. Actually it does….he is a viewer and many share his thoughts.

        The elitist attitude loses people faster then anything.


  3. A game without RNG is retarded and boring. Reality itself is one big RNG if you know a little of quantum physics


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