The “High School Fleet” Arrives Next Week (NA/EU)

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The Blue Mermaids are coming!

Two sweet ships from the anime High School Fleet hit the Premium Shop next week: the tier VIII Japanese destroyer HSF Harekaze and tier VI German cruiser HSF Graf Spee.

The Fleet Arrives
July 10 at 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)

Commanders of the Fleet

Each ship comes with a cool Commander from the anime that can take command of any ship of her nation. Want your Yamato helmed by a schoolgirl or think your Tirpitz needs more pink? You’re in luck!

Both Commanders have Executive Officers voiced by talent from the anime! We sat down with them to learn more about their work:

Meet “Mashiro Munetani” – Interview with Lynn

What kind of character is Mashiro?

Mashiro is a calm, diligent Executive Office of the Kagero-class destroyer Harekaze. Despite her earnestness, bad luck seems to follow her everywhere she goes!

Do you have a behind-the-scenes story to share? How about a favorite line you recorded?

Recording the line “Enemy Aircraft Carrier” was very inspiring, since the anime didn’t have any aircraft carriers.  For that same reason, recording the line for air groups made me a little bit nervous.

What was different about recording for World of Warships compared to High School Fleet?

In the anime, Mashiro rarely had any lines with military terms since other members of the crew gave most of the orders. I was nervous, but also had fun performing those lines as Mashiro! 

Meet “Wilhelmina” aka “Mina” – Interview with Hiromi Igarashi

What kind of character is Mina?

Wilhelmina is the Executive Officer of Graf Spee. She’s worked with the Harekaze crew ever since her rescue while under attack. Since she learned Japanese through hard-boiled action dramas, she uses some Hiroshima dialect in her vocabulary.

Do you have a behind-the-scenes story to share? How about a favorite line you recorded?

Our staff supervised some phrases that needed to be read with German pronunciation. We also recorded the same phrases several times using my normal tone, a Mina-like tone, and several other patterns. My clips of choice were definitely the lines spoken in Mina’s unique tone!

What was different about recording for World of Warships compared to High School Fleet?

The major difference is that, unlike in the anime, Mina would actually be aboard the Graf Spee. Even though her lines are all spoken in Japanese, I had to act is if Mina was communicating fluently in German. Because of this, many of her Japanese phrases lack her usual accent and sound very clear. I volunteered to play several parts in Mina’s tone during the recording!

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      1. Even Harekaze isn’t. Sure it’s technically a Kagero, but it can also mount Akizuki guns or USN guns so it’s definitely different.

  1. One isn’t even a tech tree and the other one, the DD, has a unique gimmick in that it has three choices for main battery armament.

  2. I bet later on there will be HSF Kirishima for sale and HSF Musashi for some super hard competition reward.

    Anyway, I hated the show. Bloody rats that can cause people berserk and has ECM abilities. A six hours of non-stop wtf experience. But it’s still nothing compare to WG’s decisions.

    1. “A six hours of non-stop wtf experience”

      Isn’t every single modern anime like that? I miss the 80s….

      1. No. There’s good ones and bad ones in the past, now and future.

    1. Meanwhile, eu and ru will be getting a historical tier v premium Russian battleship.

      The whole anime partnership should’ve been left as SEA server only, in my opinion. these events only cater to a very small number of people, where as everyone will play for a historical warship like the graf spee. I’m personally hoping that NA gets the same event and not just this anime weirdness(nothing personal against anime, some of it like arp or gup(tanks) don’t make sense or are just plain stupid(scraping the vey bottom of the barrel of creativity as it were)).

      Should get together a mob and spam the event announcement page demanding we get the Russian BB event.

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