9.19.1 Estimated Patch Release Date

The 9.19.1 World of Tanks patch will be launched on the RU cluster on July 11, on the night from Monday to Tuesday (July 10-11). Expect the EU/NA release to come a day later, and the ASIA release, a week later.

11 thoughts on “9.19.1 Estimated Patch Release Date

  1. Topical wargaming Dev cycle, Nerf buff nerf buff Nerf buff Nerf buff sell op prems profit

  2. Yay, now to research and buy my better is 7 !. Aka Wz 111 5a

      1. Better gun in literally every way, better mobility ( is7 mobility is an absolute lie) better gun soft stats, better DPM, accuracy, aim time, better ground resistances, And you only sacrifice the armor part, which the is 7 nowadays isn’t really all that good now.

        1. But stats say 60 km/h, so Is-7 must be as fast as a scout!!! Stats would never lie 😛

          1. Haha is 7 goes 40 to 45km on flat ground. Never above that. Only goes above that when downhill

          2. Ever since 09.18 heavies and meds are the better scouts.
            Simply better viewrange.
            Note: Some exceptions on German and American vehicles may appear.
            #make-scouts-scouts-again. +3MM was a damn fine thing (If old stats of scouts apply)

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