9.19.1 Estimated Patch Release Date

The 9.19.1 World of Tanks patch will be launched on the RU cluster on July 11, on the night from Monday to Tuesday (July 10-11). Expect the EU/NA release to come a day later, and the ASIA release, a week later.


11 thoughts on “9.19.1 Estimated Patch Release Date

      1. Better gun in literally every way, better mobility ( is7 mobility is an absolute lie) better gun soft stats, better DPM, accuracy, aim time, better ground resistances, And you only sacrifice the armor part, which the is 7 nowadays isn’t really all that good now.

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          1. Ever since 09.18 heavies and meds are the better scouts.
            Simply better viewrange.
            Note: Some exceptions on German and American vehicles may appear.
            #make-scouts-scouts-again. +3MM was a damn fine thing (If old stats of scouts apply)


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