WoT 9.20 ST – Russian Medium Changes

EDIT: Detailed T-54 armor values from WOT Express

Left – old, right – new.


  • LB-1 – aim time reduced from 2.3s to 2.1s
  • D-25-44 – accuracy increased from 0.43 to 0.42, aim time reduced from 3.4s to 3.2s, reload time reduced from 19.2s to 15.2s

T-54 Mod. 1

  • turret armor front buffed from 180mm to 190mm
  • view range buffed from 360m to 380m
  • aim time buffed from 2.4s to 2.2s


  • D-54: accuracy increased from 0.39 to 0.33, aim time reduced from 2.9s to 2s, reload speed increased from 8.2s to 8.5s
  • D-10T2S: accuracy reduced from 0.35 to 0.39, aim time increased from 2.3s to 2.5s, reload time reduced from 7.8s to 7.4s

Object 140:

  • roof armor put on par with T-62A (hatches stay the same)

47 thoughts on “WoT 9.20 ST – Russian Medium Changes

  1. Wouldn’t it make more sense to give the D10T2S better gun handling and a slower rof?

    Bit weird to make the derpish gun accurate and fast aiming while the fast aiming one becomes more derp.


    1. That way they buff the penetration from 201 to 219.
      I hope the gun buffs alos count for my beloved Obj 430 Version II


    1. If you call those gun changes buffs sure. and the type and WZ never got their turrets neutered like HD T-54s so why would the get a turret buff. although WZ-120 needs gun buffs for sure


  2. “Object 140:

    roof armor put on par with T-62A”

    Tureet armor is what made the T-62A special.
    What’s the point of playing it now that the object 140 not only has better mobility, gun depression and Hull armor, but also the same turret ? The cupolas are not enough of a downside to make the tank different.

    T-62A needs a hull armor buff so it stays as the most armored out of the 3 MTs. They are supposed to form a triangle of stats :
    -62A = armor and accuracy
    -140 = accuracy and mobility
    -430 = armor and mobility

    Now the 140 has everything, and the T-62A falls behind.

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    1. Relax, this is the way how WG have a reason to buff the T62A in about 6 months.

      “The T62A needs to be somehow different to the Obj140 and our stats show that the T62A falls behind. So we decided to buff the turret of the T62A even more and make the gun more accurate by 25%. We think the T62A will get back its special role on the battlefield,”


  3. da, blyat, T-54 was underpowerforming and needed 40-60mm more f**king turret armor because it wasn’t fair that tier f**king X were penetrating the turret front when aiming correctly, DA, CYKA, T-54 WAS SHIT, here let’s make it be better so less people play it, pizdets

    oh and we should also get rid of the one real weakspot on the 140 that everyone obviously penetrated with every single shot because it was so f**king huge that you can’t bloody hit it from 20 meters away

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  4. What do they mean by buffing the D-25-44?
    “Deer tenkers you’re so stupid that we must buff this stupid gun to stop your stupid whining”?


  5. Stop uselessly buffing every tank in the game and nerf the overbuffed heavies, that will fix the issues much faster than creating a 1000 new ones with buffing every tank.

    Jesus, bunch of bloody amateurs.


  6. Does the regular T-44-100 get the turret buff as well? By ‘regular’ I mean the one that was sold a little while ago, without the (P)/(R)/whatever at the end.


  7. So the Chinese medium line that needs the most work just gets an extra -2 gun dep on the T10 medium and the tier 8 and 9 which needs some buffs (or rework in the case of t34-2) to make them competitive get ignored. Instead they buff the best medium lines in the game??? WG logic at its best!


    1. Are you stupid or just acting like stupid? It’s more heavy while has hood front armor, so it’s normal, that mobility is as is.


      1. A mobility buff would be justified because the mobility is poor, and the armor is only OK. It takes a lot of effort to make it work against AP , and is completely negated with gold. A gun buff because sub 200 pen is no longer viable.


        1. Man, when tank has better armor, it’s more heaver, right? When the weight is bigger, that means mobility is worse. It’s simple physic.


          1. Deary me. The tank is a med with SLOPED armor which decreases the weight but thickens the armor. The tank doesn’t have a lawnmower engine and it’s not lightweight either, the T54 rarely reaches it’s top speed of 44 km/h and has only good FRONTAL armor. Gun handling and terrain resistance buffs would make it competitive. Without decent mobility to flank and hit and run it’s not very good, Imagine facing a Chrysler/T26e5 or Liberté head-on, no chance.

            When the tanks was first released it was a very good opponent in the right hands. The gun was not brilliant and you had just 34 rounds to play with. I don’t need to mention with all the new released premiums and other buffs that the T54 is obsolete and rarely seen in battle?

            Just for fun: Compare the FV4202 and the T44-100 to the T54 mobility wise, i think the t54 deserves one too.


  8. For those who said T62A is pointless to play this way… remember that WG said they will make them more different… I bet T62A will the most accurate MT in the game soon 😂


  9. WG logic:
    Buff the T-44 & include the Premium T44-100….
    Buff the T-54, forget the Reward T-55A…

    Y U DO DIS?????


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