WoT – 9.19.1 CT #2 Changelog

The 9.19.1 Common Test got a second iteration, and with it some fixes:

  •  Fixed errors in the interface in the “Training Polygon” mode.
  •  Fixed a problem with the transition to the combat mission from the post-mine statistics window.
  • Fixed some technical problems.

And some changes:

  • T-103 – 130 mm B-13 gun reload speed was increased from 10.2 to 11.2 seconds.
  • STG – changes to turret and mantlet (buff)
  • VAMM V12 engine power decreased from 500 to 400

8 thoughts on “WoT – 9.19.1 CT #2 Changelog

  1. They nerfed a premium, woot

    I mean they havent released it yet so it doesnt count, but the T-103 actually looks sorta balanced yet still very good (but not too good).

    …maybe WG is actually improving?


  2. It will get a 300+ effective turret, spaced armor on sides, and instant aiming, because fuck everyone
    I hope it wont, but wg is wg


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