WoT – 9.20 Supertest – French armor layouts



27 thoughts on “WoT – 9.20 Supertest – French armor layouts

  1. so BC is higher now in HD model. I dont undertand, why after HD model introduce, tank became bigger? Why? For examp 263, FV arty of 6 tier.


      1. Sadly, the length was the least of it’s problems. It got taller and did it’s lower plate, making it significantly bigger, rendering it’s frontal armour a dead weight.


  2. so no more side bounces on the weird spaced armor on the sides of Bat Chat…

    also its weird they try to transform the AMX 30B into brawler while its role wasnt this, and its obvious from the huge weakspot of the cupola. Instead the French where famous for their weapon accuracy/loading systems, i would prefer awesome accuracy and lower damag. At least if they are going to to make it a browler(nerf it) give it a better reload (dpm) cause its armor will always suck, except you go for another hilarious E5…

    Again they shall change their balance team, they look to have no idea what they are doing

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  3. Still want to see number of shells and gun soft stats for BC 25T. Also looks like the subtraction of base APCr round makes shots more derpy with shell velocity down 40% to 1000 m/s.


  4. Meta of 2017 – play superheavy, roll face on keyboard, win, because soon nobody will have enough penetration to contest you.


  5. so… are they giving B-C the gun of a 50 100 or am i reading this wrong? 50-100 with +20pen?
    i hope the in-magazine reload and gun handling are wonderful or this just killed the batchat


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