Polish Camo Pictures

Note: those are not all the camouflages, only a part of them.


9 thoughts on “Polish Camo Pictures

    1. Well… why not?

      They’re probbly not showing it on Pudel because it has extra decorations (or maybe even an entire special skin? Haven’t seen anybody say anything on the matter) and the Panther/M10 normally already uses non-German camo so it kinda fits. Plus the turret side is nice, big and flat.

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  1. Why do i think that they look like British cammo? FFS WG there are a lot of other cammos,you can make infinite cammo models…


    1. I couldn’t care less. Why bitch about such little things. There are a lot of obvious and broken things in the game to bitch about, but this doesn’t affect the game in any way…

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      1. but it is a British pattern, exact copy :P
        but anyway the Polish where under the influence of Britain during WWII, but after they became a Russian protectorate, so they could mess up with the camouflages.


    1. 1st Polish Armoured Division was created in February 1942 in Scotland, They served in the final phases of the Battle of Normandy,and liberation of Belgium and the Netherlands, mainly as part of the First Canadian Army.


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