Blitz – Product Placement

Sauce: Wot Express

Something peculiar happened on the RU server after the latest WoT Blitz patch. The staple of consumables, exclusive to Blitz, Adrenaline, got changed to Tornado Energy.

What’s more, the drink started being prevalent on the Port map, as seen in the title image and below.

Tornado Energy is an energy drink produced by Global Functional Drinks AG. I guess it’s better than adrenaline now, right? ;)

How far should WG go to make money? Fury? Okay. Edelweiss and Nameless? Now this is a controversy, but some people like weeb stuff. But blatantly advertising a real world product like that? What do you think, dear readers?

You can answer in this poll.


9 thoughts on “Blitz – Product Placement

  1. Product placement, if tasteful is fine, a Billboard advertising Coca Cola, On say Highway would be fine, if it was a period style advert.

    But a Huge can on a building looks naff and out of place.


  2. The players of wot are really idiots. Like you compain about OP premiums… So WG makes money off the game without OP premiums and you still compain ? Like this is completely fine, in real world you got advertisement everywhere and you cant have them in game ? Especially this help to the game not beeing that pay to win and you still compain… like please start using your brain!


    1. The problem is that the game is still P2W and that the game isn’t the real world, where we have enough of those. Imagine getting ads on Netflix. Yeah, quite annoying.

      PS: what triggers me is the fact this f*cking can belong to another epoch than WWII and its design wasn’t even transformed to look integrated to the epoch.


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