Tiger 131 Coming Tomorrow in Premium Stores

Confirmed (at least for NA) by WG Community Specialist, dance210:

„The Tiger 131 will be clawing its way into the Premium shop soon (psst…soon is Thursday, June 22)”


Thanks to Jamie for emailing me.


26 thoughts on “Tiger 131 Coming Tomorrow in Premium Stores

  1. If it will be sold like the Thunderbolt, I’ll probably buy it. I kinda like the HT no. 6 (as it is now) and I would like to have such a tank to train a crew for the E100 I’m currently grinding for. Getting daily doubles with the Tiger 131, VK45.03 and Löwe will massively speed up that process…^^

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  2. The question is what will the difference be between this and 217? Is it just a re-skin? Not going to get both but will probably get one of them but which one is the question? That’s assuming 217 goes on sale too!!


    1. 217 won’t be on sale for a long time, maybe WG isn’t even going to sell it, Pankov said they have special plans with it.

      I wouldn’t mind if it was a special tank for PVE mission for example.


    2. If I’m not mistaken 217 has slighlty better gun handling stats and as it’s going to be tank from hero edition like Rudy, Cromwell B, Thunderbolt I’d say we’re going to get it with special crew with BIA as a zero perk. Pankov also said something like they have very insidious plan for 217 what leads me to believe it’s going to be some kind of reward maybe for next wave of personal missions or upcomming marathon of mission. I read something like the marathon is supposed to start in summer so it could appear in july or august in my point of view.


  3. I would comment something about an insanely priced bundle they will sell it with, but lately that hasn’t been the case. I mean, sure, they do sell those bundles, but the tank alone as well.


  4. well, I am very tempted to buy the 131. yes, the 217 sounds better so far by a tiny bit (according to the stats), but it is completly unclear yet how to approve it. that insidous plan yould even mean you can only get it via bonds. this would be a way to promote RBs and even the s**tstorm about improved equip pa bit.

    and for a “normal” tier 6 prem-price it would be fine. I kinda like my HT No. VI and if I could train my germ HT crews with the 131, this would be sweet.


  5. Why does it only get 220 alpha when all the others tanks with the L56 8.8 get 240. Maybe they made a mistake when they announced it. Otherwise very strange


  6. I call bullshit, as the tank is not present in EU shop or in NA shop. But to be safe, NA shop might be on a much different schedule due to time difference.


      1. oh a BiA Crew for Germany nice.
        But no sign of it on EU….
        Love the logic of WG one of the most famous german tanks of the war and of course they release it on NA first xP


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