No Anime Tanks for EU and NA

I’m citing MrConway, EU Community Coordinator, from this forum post:

„Just to clarify this for Quickybaby and all of you: We have no plans to release any of these tanks on the EU server.

This is of course something we considered, but judging by the feedback we have seen from the EU server, the majority of you don’t want to have these “fantasy tanks” available here.

Please do however remember that this is a game and that we have no aspirations to be a historical tank simulator ;)

Update: The_Chieftain has confirmed that the VC tanks will not make it to the NA server.

“Any time I’ve asked about the VC tanks on NA, I’m happy to say, I’ve been told they are not in the pipeline.”



41 thoughts on “No Anime Tanks for EU and NA

  1. well shit i was excited for these tanks honestly i loved the VC games so it would of been cool to have 2 VC tanks in WoT but its whatever too many nay sayers

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  2. the nameless though would have been significantly op compared to any other t8 heavy in the game. I am glad they are staying in Asia.


  3. im usually annoyed when one server gets something exclusively and none of the other get it but for this im very happy these tanks arent coming anywhere near eu. the nameless is like a chrysler k with a good gun… i mean people were out raged by the chrysler k then they introduce what is pretty much a better version of it? the fuck wg? dont let this come near any other server in its current form the obj 252us and chrysler ks are enough of a ball ache right now…

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  4. i love the people that are like “ohh its fake dont putt in the game!” when half the tanks or more ingame are failed protypes or paper tanks that never would have worked or ben cumbersome to the point of uselessnes in real life

    if you can accept a grille 15 or type 5 heavy then you can accept fing anything

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    1. i see what their saying tho i wouldnt mind the VC tanks but failed protos an paper tanks are more real then VC tanks which are 100% fake but its whatever


  5. I personally don’t mind them… if they were balanced. But they’re not and never will be because it’s WG. So all I can say as a player on the Asia server to everyone on EU and NA… you lucky pricks, enjoy your freedom

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    1. Freedom…lol. It’s not about the anime aspect, it’s that EU and NA wouldn’t stand for the SEVERE Pay to Win aspect of Nameless. It would cause riots.


  6. For me i wouldn’t mind too much if they were on the EU/NA servers, as long as they do like Wows. Add a button that simply if you click it, you would not meet these type of vehicles.

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  7. :/ im going back under the rock as they just Don fucked up… Would been a good idea to just introduce this for only a day… I see no harm in doing that.. Would also bring more players to there dead game.. Again you people Don pucked up.. Id rather see tbeae things on the battle field over the other new op perms… Like hell least this thing has weakpoints…


  8. Sad that the anime haters won this in the end, but I was against Nameless anyway, it would’ve been too much considering we already have Object 252, Liberte, Patriot and Chrysler.

    Still, I’m glad MrConway made one thing clear.

    “Please do however remember that this is a game and that we have no aspirations to be a historical tank simulator”


    1. It’s not about hating anime, but more about the fact that maybe 90% of all the players in EU got into WoT because of a historical aspect (WWII) or just because they like military stuff and armored vehicles. I know I do…

      If you want to play that VC stuff, play VC and not WoT.

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      1. Fair enough, but we had some discussions in the WoT forums (EU cluster here) and a good amount of those against the Valkyria tanks were of the ‘weeaboos are cancer and so is anime’ variety, which goes beyond simply disliking a tank because it doesn’t look realistic enough, which reeks of hypocrisy considering many of the most popular tanks at high tiers, and I quote myself here, are either failed/unfinished prototypes, never went past the drawing board, or never existed at all (WT Auf. E 100 is the most iconic example, with E 50M following), yet those same haters don’t seem to have problems with them.

        The ‘if you want X play X’ argument is also pretty moot, as I could retort with ‘if you want realism and historical accuracy, play War Thunder’. WoT is a middle ground that attempts to make everyone happy, but I guess it suffers from the Unpleasable Fanbase trope.

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        1. I don’t want to play a simulator, I want to play tanks in a somewhat realistic context. And I think that a lot of players think this way (just assuming). WTE100 was retarded, and so is the E50M by some degree, but all the other ‘blueprint’ tanks are actually plausible. In fact, an E100 hull was already produced by the end of the war. But that is just a single example…

          If they introduce anime tanks, then there will be no restriction left. There will be no reason to not implement Command and Conquer tanks and such stuff.

          I get your point if you like VC or anime in general, but WoT is absolutely not a good platform for that. Those things shouldn’t be mixed up.

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          1. However, there is nothing wrong with a seperate gamemode where you can battle each other in fantasy tanks. Should be cool for events, just like that Minecraft game they had years ago.

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        2. I keep coming back at this… ^^ About the ‘unpleasable fanbase trope’: I don’t think this playerbase is that toxic. A lot of players are happy to pay WG for this game, which I simply love, but they shouldn’t do the retarded stuff like they did in the last couple of patches. Maus, Type 5, Defender, Chrysler, and these anime tanks, those things are so obviously wrong and the playerbase SHOULD be vocal about it.

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  9. I belive the game would dramatically change the focus and feeling of the game if those tanks were introduced in the normal battles… Which is bad. I like the VC tanks but they should be mixed into their own environment and I don’t believe WoT would have success with it.

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  10. WoT is already full of nonsense paper, fantasy & Stalinium tanks, so why bother
    I want a Sturmpanzer IV, skill MM, a PvE CooP mode and no bonds
    until then :)
    I focus on WoWs and maybe even WoWP when on 2.0


    1. WoT might be full of tanks that perhaps barely saw a sketch on paper – but introducing the VC tanks are just that little bit more immersion breaking than those other tanks… Luckily for you I belive WG are making solid steps towards the oportunity of solid mods to dress up your tanks like these if you want to without frustrating a likely majority of EU players who prefer to keep the appearance of tanks as realistic as possible.

      Immersion is so much stronger than logic or realism…

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      1. pardon me for saying it but coming to WoT for any type of history is insane, the tanks dont even have historical armament a tiger with a long 88 is just as much fantasy as the edelweiss

        WoT is the perfect platform for fantasy tanks since it has made no comitment what so ever to be historical

        bringing in OP shit is not acceptable ofcourse but when it comes to fantasy tanks like the nameles atleast you can take comfort in the fact that there was no outside “historical” influence and that the only reason its OP is caus WG decided to ram their middle finger upp your anus


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