About the Possible Polish Tech Tree

This is just a quick heads up of what we can expect from the new Polish tech tree.  A dozen or so “projects” were found at WAT (Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna which translates to Technical Military Academy) by Wargaming. The “projects” aren’t serious proposals meant to be produced, but students’ theses in order to graduate. If I recall correctly, one of the projects was a 60 ton heavy with 200mm of frontal armor made by a student named Lewandowski.

Edit: The projects are from circa 1960’s

All in all, I’ll take a student’s schoolwork than completely fake tanks.


36 thoughts on “About the Possible Polish Tech Tree

  1. “All in all, I’ll take a student’s schoolwork than completely fake tanks”

    …or complete clones. I rather have those than more hovermeds.

    I wonder when these are coming; they said that no new nations are planned for this year but this kinda changes things.

    I still secretly hope that the Czolg Pancernik would be the tier 10 even tho it has been stated that it never will be one :p

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          1. It frustrates myself greatly that there so little known about the vehicle. Not much of the archive survives today. Poland did purchase, operate and maintain the IS-3 and there was Polish interest (within the time of the IS-4) for Polish heavy tanks. Poland did have access to see the IS-4 in Russia and they might have been tempted to try it out. We cannot go in the past to figure this out for 100% sure; perhaps we will find more information on the vehicle. Perhaps not. The IS-4 is a likely candidate due to how closely related the vehicle is to what Poland achieved with operating the IS-3 at very least. Yet I hope to find more information to get the bottom of this like yourself. I would love to find more information on the vehicle. What are your ideas of what the vehicle would most likely have been?


  2. For tier 9, I think what Polish line could get is T54 with upgraded armor, http://odkrywca.pl/forum_pics/picsforum22/b1bua3i.jpg – this one, its clone ofc, but nobody force you to grind it or buy it. As top, T55, why>? Coz Poland just like Czechoslovakia did get full T55 licence, so its historical no matter what hater will say about that.

    As for tier 8 and 7, I have no idea. Poland just like CZ\SK will get LT-Me line. No HT, I dont think.


  3. Poland has enough heavy tanks for a Tier X line within World of Tanks (Also there are Churchill tanks and other western tanks used by Poland for other Tier X lines; also two Polish Tier X tank destroyer lines are possible).
    Polish Heavy Tanks (For Soviet Line):
    Tier V: KV-85M1 / KV-8M1 (Used for training Polish crews during World War II)
    Tier VI: KV-60 (C.I.A. Report) / KV-1 Model 1942 (110-130 mm armour)
    Tier VII: IS-2-88 (IS-2 with 8,8 cm Kw.K 43 L/71)
    Tier VIII: IS-3M1 (Poland’s military operated IS-3 tanks, go check them out in their tank museums)
    Tier IX: IS-3-152 (C.I.A. reports of IS-3 with 152 mm gun)
    Tier X: Czołg Lewandowski (200 mm front hull armour IS-4 most likely) / Czołg Pancernik


    1. The chinese tech tree is already bad for the game and at least their tier 9 and 10 are rather original compared to this proposal.

      And the only reason china has a tech tree in WoT is because WG needed this to allow WoT to access the chinese market. Otherwise we would have seen sweedish and czech tanks before china.
      As far as I know WoT is already well known in Poland, even if I don’t see “siema PL” as often as I used to I dont think the polish playerbase is a problem. So there is no point in building a line full of clones of other nations ; even if it means no PL line before a few year, even in their greed WG would rather wait longer than releasing yet another soviet clone nation (clones are good for premiums and thats it). They rather go with unique (and probably fake) designs that a 6th IS-3 and second IS-4… Or make them prems.


      1. You are not wrong my friend. Although Poland does have enough historical time period tanks to fill many lines of tanks to Tier X with World of Tanks (2.5 Medium lines, 2 Tank Destroyer lines, 1.5 Heavy Tank lines etc.). The problem is not if Poland has the historical tanks (which it does) it is whether or not the player base will want them. Time is always running out and there is only so much history to go around; sooner or late something will give perhaps.


      1. Also they were designed within the World of Tanks time frame. That is a ‘trump card’ for this fake tanks argument one could say. Or else it can become a slippery slope when paper tanks are brought into the the mix. I accept paper tanks as historical if they were conceived during the time period. Zeitgeist and all that.


        1. Blind hatred, what are you talking about? Yes, I believe that these tanks are probably designed by someone who is trained to design tanks as these are thesis tank in order to graduate.

          I actually congratulate WG for at atleast putting some effort and finding these projects than implementing the next physically and illogical impossible Waffentrager E 100


    1. Yes, I understand. But it’s not that I’m necessarily happy that they’re implementing some student’s project. If WG is going to implement a Polish tech tree, I think that it’s better if they implement these tanks than some physics defying tanks made up by WG.

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  4. What an unfunny joke. Students’ schoolwork are fake tanks you bumming fool.

    Just copy-pasted WG news, no need to provide any weak and incompetent commentary.

    The other day it was “WG dissolved WG LLP cus they’re cowards.” If I roll my eyes any harder..


  5. It is a bit sad SovietTenkDestroyer.
    You dont know what WG have but you already creating FAKE news…

    Info about WAT projects is old, we even dont know what it is or if it is considered as a usable thing for the tree. Pankov said that some time ago they made a progress (year later). We dont know what it is, but I guess you have better knowledge…

    Posting info that WG have some materials from WAT is OK, but puting theory that everything would be based on “fake” school projects is fake news, as long as you dont provide proof.
    According to our info all old WAT projects were destroyed. WG may have only info that something like that was, but no details/drawings.


    1. I think you might want to reread again. I never said they were fake at all.

      I said that I’d prefer a student’s project THAN fake tanks.

      The reason why I decided to post this, as of now is that I felt like the news was relevant since we’ve never posted it on TAP and the Polish tech tree looks like its coming closer.


  6. I just pray and hope, and hope and pray that we will NEVER see this SHIT fantasy/copypaste line in game.

    It makes 0 sense that there will be a Polish tech tree before Italian. Furthermore, it makes 0 sense that there will be a separate Polish tech tree at all. IRL they made like 2 tanks that were somewhat of a unique design. Making a full line stretching from 1 to 10 is retarded as it gets. Pure fucking fantasy.

    However, since this is WG we are talking about, they will put this in, 100%. They are hungry to get the last dollar, ruble and zlot out there into Victor et al. pockets, at ANY price.
    And since there are SOOO MANY Polish tomatoes/potatoes on the EU server, this line means cha ching.


  7. I just had a look at this tree, and I can safely say that this reliance on CIA documents for strange and otherwise unknown variants (EG IS-3 with 152mm gun) is bollocks. CIA documents and similar consistently get calibres and designations wrong for vehicles. I’ve used CIA reports myself in my research on arms sales to the Middle East (NB. Iraq and Egypt), and i’be concluded them to be, for the most part, untrustworthy sources.

    Unless, of course, i’ve missed the part where it’s some kind of nationstates project, or otherwise fan fiction.


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