T-103 Spotted on the RU Server


14 thoughts on “T-103 Spotted on the RU Server

      1. Armour. It’s supposed to have basically 60mm allround, like SU-100Y. They’re built on the same chassis. Gun penetration is probably also overbuffed.


              1. Also, before complaining about the armor look at the collision model on tanks.gg. The 220mm part is only on both sides of the mantlet, everything else is cardboard for Tier 8.


            1. Typical WG.
              When real data shows how a specific tank has no such values, they just make up stuff, just so it can be put into a forced position.


        1. woops, missed the whole discussion here.

          Basically premiums nowadays are balanced by the marketing department. If it’s not tier 8 suited for tier 8 it will be buffed until it is. I mean, look at the fake Edelweiss and Nameless tier 8 tanks coming to the Asia server.


          1. Along with the chink TDs, I do not care for weeb tanks.
            But I get what you mean.
            It would be nice for a change if WG pulled their heads out of their arses and thought less about money.
            Bloody hell.

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