WoT: Micropatch Release Date

The micropatch is supposed to be launched on 8th June. It will affect some mods, so the client gets separate mod files (again), ruining all your hardly gathered modifications.


8 thoughts on “WoT: Micropatch Release Date

      1. Thankfully on 8th QB will be back in the UK and will do the hard work with XVM, making it more pleasent for us, the scrubs. Btw till now, when 9.19 launched, I haven’t really appreciated it what he is doing. I tried to play with the raw XVM, the one you are downloading from the website itself… I was like “wtf, where is my reticle, there are toooo much numbers”. From 1st June untill now I am playing vanilla :D


        1. He doesn’t do anything. Most famous mod “makers” only compile mods together into a simpler package. Even amongst those people QB does very little work. Look at OMC and Aslain’s installers. They’re great!


          1. I agree with that, but maybe some players need just some minimal features of the xvm mod to keep the screen clean and not overcrowded with information. In addition to that fewer UI features means more fps for the majority of players.


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