WoWS: Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya (Gangut) Tier V BB Pictures


25 thoughts on “WoWS: Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya (Gangut) Tier V BB Pictures

  1. Can anyone explain what “mine action guns” are? It could be a translation error but the stats suggest it has 10×1 120mm guns.


  2. That’s quick to catch up Kancolle’s release of Gangut last month. Lel

    Btw am I the only one thought Gangut would be more suitable on t4…?


      1. Probably not as bad, because the Nikolai has no superstructure to damage, can bow tank literally anything in the game and has enough belt armor and turret firing angles to angle and tank basically everything in the game.

        This thing at least has superstructure to damage.
        Still, 4×3 305mm guns at tier5…that thing is going to murder cruisers.
        And I calculated 102 dps at 3.2km base with its 37mm guns. Add on the almost inconsequential 76mm AA guns, which might total 20-30 dps at best, and it’s still a good 120-130 dps at 3.2km

        I dare say that with AFT, it’ll be as good as the Konig using both manual AA and AFT.

        Overall concerning.


  3. SImple … all depends from details. Of course, Imperator Nikolai I has much better turret placement because of second turret facing forward like 1 and 3 but … I have very good results in battleships: Konig Albert, Kaiser and Arkansas Beta – all with terrible turret placement.

    Soo … ship looks like … Gangut Class was. Simple. Details is what matters the most !


    1. Response to MACHINA:
      Everyone would prefere Nikolai then this. But this not mean that this ship won’t be interesting still …


      1. Oh common of course because Nikolai is totally OP
        It’s good she was removed from shop
        Luckily I bought her in time

        This one looks good, let’s wait for the details no reason to assume anything unti we know the final balancing details
        To many whiner out there anyway

        Are the 120 special mine guns, anti torpedo weapons or mine throwers?
        Any details?



  4. The armor profile on Wikipedia looks pretty poor (225mm armor belt) and the class is super old, are we sure this is Tier 5 material?


    1. Of course it is, comrad! It has stronk Russian armour. Combined with the stronk Soviet AA, this ship could play tier X and come out with not a scratch on it. Going to avoid this one. Like the ship, would want to have it, but don’t want to encourage the enduring focus on Russian/Soviet ships, or the way WG treats it customers.


  5. A fully upgraded Gangut? If it’s a premium ship, how will the regular tech tree Gangut differ from this one?


    1. It will probably have much worse AA, worse turret placement in exchange of 0.5 knot of speed and a bit of rudder shift time.
      Oh wait.. No, that’s for the New York.

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